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When I was growing up each year we were able to pick out a Christmas ornament. Mom said then when we move we can take them with us and have a start on our decorations. I  remember one year I found this sparkly snowflake. I loved it.  Now as I am older I look for Christmas ornaments that have a bit of meaning and Hallmark is where I find the best ornaments. keepsake-ornament_482-dream-book-2014

You can look through Hallmarks Keepsake Dreambook and find ornaments that will remind you of a certain day or something fun you like to do.  They have lots of variety from movies, sports, out doors, baking and even ornament frames.

IMG_0878(1)Each year when I go through my ornaments it brings back lots of memories.  This year I received Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas!™.  Don’t you love the story of the Grinch who stole Christmas and at the end  how his heart grew 3 sizes and he learned a big lesson on what Christmas really means. On the side of the ornament is a button you push and it retells part of the story.

My Hallmark Keepsake ornament even came with batteries so I could listen to it right away. I love the detail on the ornaments.  Hallmark has some great artist on their staff.  Each year they come up with some fantastic ornaments. Why don’t you start a new family tradition and get a new Hallmark Keepsake Ornament each year.

Hallmark is holding a #KeepsakeIt Sweepstakes via this URL: Awesome prizes are up for grabs but the contest is only open through 12/18!

Hallmark has also offered to select a Keepsake Ornament for one of my readers.  You must be 18+ US, DC.  Leave a comment regarding a #KeepsakeIt moment or of your favorite Christmas memory.  Extra enter for entering Hallmarks #KeepsakeIt Sweepstake.  Extra entry for each way you follow Kaisy  Daisy’s Corner.  Giveaway ends Dec 8, 2014. Enter daily for more chances to win.

Please fill out the form HERE to enter.


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  78 Responses to “Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Review and Giveaway #KeepsakeIt”

  1. My most favorite Christmas memory was when my 2 older sister made my dolly clothes.

  2. I love the memories all of my ornaments bring. The Grinch one is so fun! I might need to go get one for our tree.

  3. My daughter’s first birthday is a keepsake memory.

  4. I have always loved Hallmark ornaments. Some of my best Christmas memories are hanging our keepsake ornaments each year.

  5. One of my favorite Christmas memories is when a friend gifted me with a gingerbread man and lady for Christmas! I still love those ornaments and think of her every time I put them on the tree!

  6. my favorite memory of Christmas is sneaking in the middle of the night to see what santa brought and they never knew how I was surprised come Christmas morning,,but one year they sat in the dark and waited to see what was going on and I got caught!! it took them years though before they caught me

  7. I love Hallmark! That’s a very beautiful ornament too. One of my favorite Christmas memories have always been to wake up with my kids and see their faces when they see all the gifts under the tree. Of course being with family on Christmas has always been a great memory as well.

  8. My youngest daughter LOVES The Grinch! She quotes the movie year round!

  9. Loved the movie and love their ornaments!

  10. My #KeepsakeIt memory is when we celebrated Christmas at mama’s and papa’s house. All my aunts, uncle’s and cousins all crammed together in the living room opening presents that mama crafted for us. One year we all got quilts she hand quilted. They are long gone and I haven’t seen any of my cousins since mama died. Just not the same anymore.

  11. This was my children’s favorite series. I read the books so many times I think I may know them by heart, but none was better than the Grinch Stole Christmas. I smile just thinking of it

  12. Would love to win 🙂 Thanks!

  13. These are so beautiful.

  14. Love the Grinch movie, the old/cartoon version

  15. Love It

  16. My favorite Christmas memories are of my mother’s family all coming for Christmas dinner and I, as a little girl, would love to listen to all of their stories about their growing up.

  17. awww my son would love this

  18. My son’s second Christmas is my most cherished Christmas memory. I’ll never forget the look on his face when he saw our glittering tree for the first time!

  19. My son’s look of horror when I took him to visit Santa Claus the first time.

  20. I just love the Grinch !

  21. Happy Thanksgiving

  22. i have ornaments from every year as my kids grew,they are now 32 and 28!

  23. I get an ornament each year for each of my daughters!

  24. I love Hallmark, I am a customer for over 40 years, and every Christmas I still collect Hallmark ornaments and all the seasonal awesome products them come out with every year. Happy Holidays!!!

  25. I have collected ornaments from all of our trips and have given ornaments to my friends and family every year. We have so much fun reminiscing when we decorate our tree.

  26. I get ornaments each year for my kiddos!

  27. My favorite Christmas memory is the year I received my Wiggly Weirdies chemistry set.

  28. The year I got a Chatty Cathy for Christmas

  29. So much fun to collect for the kids.

  30. My niece’s love the Grinch!

  31. I have three wonderful keepsake memories. Each of my Kids first Christmas. And a hallmark ornament captured each one.

  32. I have never had a Hallmark Keepsake ornament before

  33. My favorite was shopping for ornaments for the first time with my Husband, it felt so special to be celebrating our relationship

  34. My favorite Christmas memory is every year when I see the look on my 2 young boys faces when they come downstairs to see what Santa has left them. I don’t have too many years of that left so I will be enjoying it for as long as I can.

  35. When my husband and I celebrated our first Christmas as husband and wife is a fave memory

  36. I buy a keepsake every year.

  37. My favorite was the night we went to bed and came down to see Santa under our tree with gifts!!! (my dad was dressed up!)

  38. My favorite Christmas memory is going to an orphanage in Mexico with college age kids and supplying a Christmas for them.

  39. These light up the faces of all the children (big and small) when they see these.

  40. baby’s first christmas

  41. My favorite memory is putting up the tree every year

  42. My Grandchildren are coming here for Christmas. I have a real fireplace………………………

  43. My favorite memory is baking with my mom and now baking with my boys.

  44. Love that Grinch

  45. My favorite Christmas memory is my sister and I waiting at the top of the stairs every Christmas morning waiting for our Grandpa to go downstairs first and turn the Christmas tree lights on before we could go down. Those last couple minutes of waiting and anticipation, we the most exciting.

  46. My favorite memories are how excited my kids are on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

  47. My favorite memories are from when the kids were babies and now they hang up their 1994 and 1997 Hallmark ornaments every year.

  48. With each child I bought them their own keepsake ornament.

  49. I will keep mine!

  50. I love looking at remembering the ornaments from each year that I have recieved. i have a large barbie ornament collection!

  51. My favorite memory is the year I got my first cabbage patch doll it was the year that they came out

  52. I started collecting these in 1983

  53. My first child was born on Christmas! Best gift ever!

  54. keep

  55. My favorite Christmas memory is my daughter’s first Christmas, which was our first Christmas together as a family!

  56. I just love the Daughter Keepsake Ornament & would love to get it for our daughter!

  57. These are saved, so when grandchildren get older, they get handed down.

  58. I love Hallmark’s keepsake ornaments

  59. Merry Christmas

  60. I love the Hallmark ornaments!!

  61. I love ornaments – there is a story behind most of them.

  62. You can find that each one has a certain memory attached to it. That makes it hard to choose whicj=h one to buy. I love them all.

  63. I love the Santa

  64. Hallmark is the place to shop for Christmas

  65. I like the parody of the Grinch to 9-11!

  66. Love the Grinch!

  67. I buy a new ornament every year. My tree is filled with them.

  68. Dr. Suess is is

  69. A must have for a Christmas tree.

  70. will keep if I win…..

  71. I love the way people’s eyes light up and they smile when they see my tree filled with Keepsake Decorations.

  72. Hallmark is one of my favorite places to shop.

  73. My Keepsakeit moment is getting my husband a Star Trek and a Star Wars ornament every year since we have been married (this will make the 11th one).

  74. Time with family makes Christmas great!

  75. #KeepsakeIt moment is the Christmas in heaven ornament for my son who passed at 26 years of age

  76. Family and giving is the most important day of the year, Remember it is Christ birthday, Its a time to give not receive I love to give, There are so many people that don’t eat and it tear me apart so that why love to give instead of receiving.

    Love Gail Golia Merry Chiristmas

  77. Hallmark Keepsakes are nice to hand down to generations.

  78. I’ve loved Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments for years now! You can find one for almost every type of personality and profession. And they make terrific gifts, too. I would be absolutely elated if I won one! Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to win!

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