Nov 272014

50 days of Christimas

Do you remember getting one of the advent calendars when you were younger.  We received them a couple of times – each day you would open a window and there would be a piece of candy in the window.  I decided to do something like that for Rex and his son Joey.  Only I am doing it with gifts. IMG_0890(1)  Here is one of the baskets.  I got them both ready over the weekend and starting on Dec 1 they will start opening the gifts one each day until Christmas.

The gifts are nothing fancy – most of them are pretty goofy.  I was able to get most of the gifts from the Dollar Tree StIMG_0886ore.  I was able to find things like a deck of cards, plastic yo-yo, small note book, Peeps, chocolate, pez, hand warmer, flash light, different kinds of candy that they like, gloves and hat.  It was fun seeing what I could find.

You could also do this with coupons using things your family would like.  Maybe something like No emptying the dishwasher today, or I will read an extra book to you tonight, or Stay up 30 minutes later than your bed time.  There are 100’s of things you could use for the coupons.

You could combine the two of them do half gifts and half coupons.  It would be a fun tradition to start.

I am excited for December 1 to come.  I can’t wait to see Rex and his Son’s faces when I tell them about their baskets. What traditions does you family have?





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  1. What a great idea!

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