Nov 262014

50 days of Christimas

Every year I like to find new Christmas decorations and I really like making the decorations.  This year I have been looking for a new wreath.  Something pretty and home made.  Well at Cabin & Cottage I found a really pretty wreath that looks easy to make and uses things I have at home.  The wreath looks very pretty and vintage. 123P1010770

This wreath uses a hanger shaped into a circle and the paper must be an old onionskin type tissue paper. The complete instructions can be found HERE on Cabin & Cottage.

I remember a wreath made out of old computer program cards that one of my sisters made.  Then I think it was spray painted.  I love homemade DIY projects.  Don’t you?  What kind of projects are you doing for the holidays?  Anything you would like to share?




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  1. Happy Thanksgiving

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