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 Most people underestimate the benefits of a correctly designed office chair. Ergonomic office chairs that support the back and promote good posture are perfect for those who spend countless hours in front of their PCs. In turn, these benefits will allow any work environment to be much more comfortable and productive. Still, choosing the best chair can be a bit confusing. As no two bodies are alike, there are a few variables that are important to keep in mind. To simplify the entire process, let’s quickly examine some of the most critical features which you need to consider.
How Adjustable is the Chair?
There can be times when you will need to change the height of your chair. This can be to accommodate for a taller desk or to see the screen of a computer easier. So, make certain that the entire unit can be adjusted up or down with ease. Also, the mechanism should be easy to access.
A Strong Base
In an office environment, it is likely that you will be moving around frequently. As most of these chairs contain wheels, a solid foundation is important. The best mechanisms are those which contain five “spokes” (points of contact with the floor). The chances of any type of accident are greatly reduced with this design.
The Dimensions of the Chair
You will need to make certain that the chair fits your unique body dimensions. Note that the best height for any chair is approximately one-quarter of the height of the user. It should offer a considerable amount of back support and the seat depth needs to be able to provide you with adequate access to your desk and any other nearby accessories. Finally, determine as to whether or not maintenance and repair costs are covered within the initial price; these can be substantial if you encounter a problem.
Luckily, there are a host of occupational health and safety websites which will provide you with clear checklists when contemplating any purchase. As these chairs are likely to be used for years, it is always a good idea to perform an adequate amount of research before making a final decision.

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