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As you know if you read my blog – I hate wearing shoes, me feet get too hot. I know I can’t always go barefoot as it is not always safe and the weather sometimes gets in the way.  They also frown on me not wearing shoes at work.  I was excited when I saw Groundals.  They are perfect for me! Get Grounded Footwear™ allows the wearer to reestablish that vital connection to the Earth’s negatively charged energy with the added protection of shoes.

Here is some more information on Get Grounded Footwear™, they utilizing  proprietary TerraMater Footwear® (Mother Earth) material, which allows the wearer to be grounded and protected simultaneously. They call it “Connection With Protection®”. Grounded footwear is new, exciting, unique, and innovative. It makes you feel better and gives you more energy. It’s like taking a barefoot walk on the beach. So, Get Grounded™ and feel Mother Nature work in your Groundals®.

What do I think of Groundals?  I really like them.  Actually they are my new favorite shoe.  They are very comfortable and fit my feet perfect.  To me it almost feels like I am barefoot.  The first thing I use to do when I came home at night was kick of my shoes and go barefoot. Now I kick off my shoes and put my Groundals on.

Groundals are made for men or woman and come in 3 colors Black, Silver and Gold.  They also come in 4 sizes Small/Youth, Medium, Medium Large and Large. I also saw they are coming out with another style for men soon. If you are interested in purchasing your own pair of Groundals now is a good time to do it they are buy 1 get 1 free until Aug 15th.  You can purchase them HERE.

Groundals has also offered one of my readers the chance to try them.  You must be 18+ US (48). Leave a comment ~ do you like to wear shoes or go barefoot?  Extra entry for following Groundals on Facebook. Extra entry for each way you follow Kaisy Daisy’s Corner. Giveaway ends Aug 14, 2014.  Enter daily for more chances to win.

Please fill out the form HERE to enter.


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

  86 Responses to “Groundals – Earthing/Grounding Footwear Review + Giveaway”

  1. I prefer to be barefoot when I can!

  2. I’m barefoot all the time. More comfortable

  3. I’m barefoot all the time. More comfortable without shoes

  4. More comfortable without shoes I’m barefoot all the time.

  5. Going barefoot is the only way to go

  6. I love being barefoot when I walk through the grass. But otherwise, I will wear flip flops around the house.

  7. I always wear shoes unless I am on the beach.

  8. I am a confirmed email subscriber.

  9. I like to wear shoes and go barefoot especially in the sand.

  10. depends on weather and where i’m going

  11. Sue would really love these

  12. I cant wait to win this contest these will look ood on my feeties

  13. I like going barefoot but I don’t like dirty feet.

  14. I don’t mind getting dirty feet but I still wear footwear everywhere (beaches, public showers, lawns…)!

  15. Barefoot all summer!

  16. For years when every possible I go barefoot, but not I have diabetes and I need to wear something on my feet at all times. So I like to try new types of light weight shoes.

  17. I like to go barefoot anytime I can, but when I can’t I like to wear shoes that make me feel as close to barefoot as possible (flip flops, sandals etc).

  18. real nice

  19. I love being barefoot,always have,but with footwear like this I’m very comfortable wearing and prefer 🙂

  20. I never wear shoes in the house. Otherwise, I don’t wear shoes outside unless necessary, like in the winter or when I’m riding.

  21. I would LOVE to win these sandals! I always wear sandals and flip flops in the summer, late spring and early fall. Black would be my choice of color! My size would be medium large. Thanks so much!

  22. My mom would love this!

  23. Shoes are for big city people who like high fashion. I’m always barefoot except in the winter when I wear a pair of nice soft furry slippers.

  24. i prefer fit flops

  25. I prefer going barefoot but the pavement is hot in the summer and the soil is very rocky here so this sounds like a good alternative.

  26. I always go barefoot,,I only wear shoes when I have too,,summer time im free and shoeless!

  27. I like to wear shoes.

  28. I like to go barefoot in cool grass, but wear socks around the house.

  29. i would rather go barefooted.

  30. I prefer to go barefoot, but wear socks!

  31. I used to go barefoot all the time …. Until i stepped on a Bee OMG it was one of the worst pains ever

  32. I am either barefoot or in flip-flops

  33. I would never wear shoes if I didn’t have to .

  34. barefoot if at all possible!

  35. I am barefoot all the time.

  36. Definitely barefoot and would love to experience the effects of grounding with these

  37. Being barefoot is awesome, just not always practical

  38. barefoot

  39. I prefer barefoot in the grass, but shoes everywhere else.

  40. I am wearing sandals all the time.

  41. i like going barefoot most of the times and flip flops some of the time

  42. flip flops

  43. I prefer wearing sandals to wearing shoes or going barefoot. One of the reasons I dislike winter is because I have to start wearing shoes instead of sandals.

  44. I mostly like to wear shoes but love going bare in the grass!

  45. barefoot

  46. nice

  47. I like to be barefoot around the house in summer but sandals or shoes outside.

  48. barefoot

  49. Barefoot is great on the beach.

  50. definetyly barefoot

  51. i prefer shoes when outdoors

  52. barefoot until I get outside on the gravel driveway – but love the grass yard in between

  53. I love being barefoot!!! i really dislike the winter months when I have to put on shoes!

  54. For me it’s always shoes, never know what’s on the ground, eww.

  55. I love to walk barefoot, though during the summer heat I sometimes am forced to wear shoes in order to avoid burning my feet on the cement. I swear, sometimes you can fry eggs on the sidewalk during the summer.

  56. Love them

  57. Barefoot inside, shoes outside.

  58. Barefoot or sandals if I’m outside.

  59. would love to win these! love being barefoot

  60. being barefeet is the best

  61. I am def a barefoot kinda girl 😀 I would love to try these Groundals.

  62. love barefoot

  63. love going barefoot

  64. I prefer to wear deerskin mocs at home and flip-flops of some sort out. I must wear regular shoes in winter here.

  65. Go Barefoot

  66. sandals

  67. I always wear shoes.

  68. barefoot as often as possible

  69. Barefoot or slippers

  70. going barefoot is the best

  71. I love to go barefoot.

  72. I’m barefoot most of the time when I can get away with it/

  73. would love to try grounding without being barefoot

  74. I am a barefoot person. Would never wear shoes unless I had to.

  75. I love to go barefoot- I’m a country girl at heart anyway!

  76. I prefer to wear shoes.

  77. I like to wear shoes! 🙂

  78. I actually don’t like to go barefoot. This is an interesting concept and I think there would be a good solution for me. Getting grounded without going barefoot!

  79. barefoot

  80. I like to wear shoes.

  81. barefoot

  82. barefoot. much to my mom’s annoyance

  83. I prefer to wear shoes.

  84. I am mostly barefoot unless the beach is too hot, the sidewalk is too full of seed pods or the tootsies need some warmth.

  85. I love being barefoot…so free!!

  86. I prefer to wear shoes over being barefoot.

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