Jul 102014

You should see my cupboard with all my plastic containers in it.  I have tons of containers and covers but I sure wish they matched or that I could find the lids when I need them.  Have you ever got a container out and filled it with either left-overs or what you plan on taking toand then can’t find the cover that fits that container?  I get so mad at myself for not matching the lid and bottom first and if you don’t find the mate – throw out the container!

Well I have finely found something that I love and works great!  They are from Dixie and they are called Quicktakes®. IMG_0461(2) They are plastic containers with the lids attached.  That way you can always find the lid. Quicktakes® are also BPA free so they are safe.  They also are very inexpensive ~ you get 25 in a box.  There are 10 –  24oz (3 cups) containers and 15 – 8oz (1 cup) containers in a box for Prime members you can get them for $10.99 that’s less than .45 cents a piece.

Take a look at this VIDEO to learn more Quicktakes®.

Quicktakes® are dishwasher safe and they are reusable.  I have used them 2 or 3 times already.  I feel good about getting my moneys worth out of the containers.  I am doing my part by  recycling them and then don’t feel bad about throwing them out after a couple uses. As you can see the lids  snap shut.IMG_0469 I have had no problem with them leaking.

I love that they don’t take up much room in the cupboard as they stack one within each other.  It saves me so much time not looking for containers that have both a bottom and top that fit.  Since they are so reasonably priced you don’t have to worry about washing them – you can use them and then throw them away.  Which also saves time.

Quicktakes® can be used for things other than storing food.  You can use them to organize arts & crafts, office supplies and even in the garage. Remember they come in two great sizes so you can find lots of uses for them.

Quicktakes® are the ultimate in convenience for any busy lifestyle because of the attached lids and flexibility between one time use or multiple uses. If you would like to purchase Quicktakes® they can only be found on Amazon.com.   What are you waiting for buy your own Quicktakes® NOW!


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