Apr 242014


Hair dyes are important fashion accessories that enhance a person’s natural beauty. They can change someone’s appearance because hair frames the face. People know when they find the right color for their skin tone because they immediately fall in love with it.

A long-running debate exists between professional dyes and box colors. Some people choose professional coloring out of fear that they could damage their own hair. Others choose box color because it is less expensive. Some combine the two by coloring from a box between salon visits.

Developer is an essential part of the hair coloring process. Less developer equals healthier hair, and professional stylists tend to use low volumes. Box color is generally a one-size-fits-all process where everyone uses the same amount of developer. This can cause blotchy hair colors and ugly orange streaks.

Box color also damages hair by destroying the cuticles. The high ammonia levels in box dyes cause hair to frizz or shrivel up. Unfortunately, the problem gets worse with each coloring process. Professional hair coloring causes less damage to hair.

The Beecher Group is an example of a company that supplies professional hair color and other beauty supplies to salons and spas. The high-quality color systems exceed most clients’ expectations of professional coloring. To learn more about these Iowa beauty resources, shop iowabeauty.com.

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