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Are you a blogger looking to make a little extra money? Then you may want to join Markerly’s Blogging Network. You get paid to write for top brands like Levi’s, TruMoo, eMeals and other companies.  Who can join Markerly’s network?  Anyone who’s blog has over 10,000 page views a month or an average of 3 comments per post.

My favorite thing about Markerly’s is that there is always someone around to answer your questions.  On my first post for Markerly’s I had a couple questions so I sent an email and I had a response within a short time.  There is blogger support 24/7.  It is a full-service managed network.

I also like the free products you get to review like a membership to eMeals,  wine from companies like Last Bottle or earbuds from Jaybird.  Sponsors like the Influencer Marketing they get from bloggers and I like the free products I get.  The sponsor sell more products  when the right people see and read about what they have to offer. I get campaigns from Markerly’s for products that fit my blog.  They actually take the time to see what would be a good fit for you.

Markerly makes it simple to do a Campaign for them ~ they give you all the directions in a easy to read format.  They also give you lots of information so that you have the content the sponsor wants your readers to know.

Markerly gives you heat maps of your entire post so you can see what people were clicking on.

I like that I get paid within 48 hours of posting my post going live. It gets deposited right into my paypal account. I have done a few other paid post and I ended up having to follow up with the company to get paid.  With Markerly’s you don’t have to worry, I have not had to follow up yet to get my payments.

I think that Markerly is one of the best blogging networks that I belong to. I love the products, the people I work with and the fast payments.  If you are a blogger and love writing product reviews, then writing sponsored content for Markerly may be for your.  To learn more about Markerly here is some of the latest news on the company. Here is were you can go to sign up with Markerly’s Blogging Network and start making some extra money.

Enter to win $250 American Express Gift Card.  Winner will be picked Feb 27, 2014.



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