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After a long and difficult divorce, Jacey is sure the worst is over. But when the FBI reveals some disturbing information about her ex-husband, she is forced into hiding to protect herself and her son. In the process, she risks losing her identity, her future, and her heart. Thrilling and suspenseful, this novel is an edge-of-your-seat read.

Meet the Author:

Mandi Tucker Slack grew up in Orangeville, UT, where her father worked as a coal miner for eighteen years. In 1987 the coal mines shut down for a time and her father joined the U.S. Army. They were stationed in Hanau, Germany, and she had the opportunity to explore Europe. Mandi’s family returned to Utah in 1992, and they settled in Orangeville once again, where she attended and completed High School. She then attended the College of Eastern Utah, where she studied Geology. Eventually Mandi changed her major and moved on to Utah State University while she completed a degree in Special Education. She then married her best friend, Charles Slack. They have three children, with one on the way, 6 chickens, and a lizard (sometimes several lizards).Their family loves to spend time together. They enjoy 4-wheeling, camping, and especially rock hounding. Her house is littered with rocks and fossils. As a child Mandi spent many weekends with her parents and sister exploring abandoned mining towns and searching for relics among the brick ruins. Her adventures with her family are often the inspiration for her stories. Mandi is also the author of romantic/ suspense title, The Alias, available at a bookstore near you. To find out more on The Alias and author Mandi Tucker Slack, visit: mandituckerslack.com.

My Review:

I though this was a good book and it held my interest to the end.  Mandi Tucker Slack did a good job describing the characters.

Jacey left her husband because he was abusing her and tried to kill her.  She took her son Blaze and fled to a friends house.  She was trying to hide so that her ex-husband would not find her or take Blaze away from her.  After working her shift at the diner she finds two FBI agents waiting for her.  They want to know what she knows about her ex-husband John and his partner.  She was unaware of what he was involved with but she was afraid of him.  She didn’t want her friend Melissa and her daughter to get hurt so she knew she needed to move on.  Her friend had the perfect idea – Jacey would pretend to be Melissa and go and stay with her Aunt Helen and Uncle Grant in Utah.  So that is what they did.  It wasn’t what they wanted to do – but what they had to do to be safe.  They didn’t want to deceive anyone. Does John find them? or are they safe?  When does Jacey tell Melissa Aunt and Uncle the truth? You will need to read The Alias to find out.  I am sure you will enjoy the book as much as I did.

I received a Copy of this book from the author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for the review, and the review is honest and my responsibility.


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