Sep 292013

better oatsSeptember is better breakfast month and there isn’t a better way to start you day with Steel Cut Oats from Better OatsOatRev_SC_productsRex loves eating Oatmeal and was very excited to try these Steel Cut Oats.  What is great about these Steel Cut Oats is that it only takes minutes to make.  What a great way to send your kids off to school with a nice warm breakfast instead of just a bowl of cereal.  This will help them feel full and full of energy until lunch. Its a great way to start their day right.

These Steel Cut Oats come in three great flavors the Classic, Maple & Brown Sugar, and Apple & Cinnamon ~ Rex’s favorite. He really liked how hearty the Steel Cut Oats were and looked forward to eating some before going to the gym.

Oat Revolution® 100% premium steel cut oats are cut thick to preserve their natural texture. By adding flax we ensure that our oats deliver more than just great taste and texture but are a good source of ALA Omega-3. A great way to get your fiber.
You can purchase Oat Revolution® 100% premium steel cut oats at most grocery stores including Winco and Fred Meyers.  You can also connect with Better Oats on Facebook.

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  1. I always use steel cut or rolled oats. I hate the instant and quick cook. I never have added flax seed but will try now. I will also check to see if these are sold in stores in my area.

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