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cache_240_240_sleep-for-webI don’t know how many of you have problems sleeping ~ but I rarely slept a full night for years.  If I took sleeping pills I felt yucky the next day.  I could fall asleep but after about 2 hours I was wide awake.  Then I would toss and turn for a few hours and then sleep right before my alarm went off.  I recently started taking these pills from femMed and they seem to help.  I am not waking up as often as I was before and probably getting closer to 5 to 6 hours of sleep a night, for me that is great!

All the ingredients found in femMED Sleep solutions work together to reduce insomnia and improve your quality of sleep. Ingredients include:

5-HTP, which increases serotonin and melatonin levels – 2 key hormones which promote relaxation and better sleep.

L-theanine, which  is an amino acid found in green tea which reduces stress, promotes relaxation and improves sleep.

Melatonin, which is a hormone naturally secreted by the brain that regulates our sleep/wake cycles.

Sleep is one of the most important needs of the body.  Your body works at repairing and regenerating your major organs and important hormones are released while you sleep.   Many chronic health problems are related to not sleeping well including ~ heart disease, cancer, diabetes and depression.

Many things can cause poor sleeping but here are a few things you can do to help you sleep better.

  • Establish a regular sleeping routine
  • Do relaxing activities before bed ~ read or take a bath
  • Avoid caffeine and late night drinks
  • Make your bedroom dark, quiet, and comfortable

Now that I am sleeping a bit better – I don’t feel as grouchy and am in a better mood.  My body feels better and I am not getting headaches as often.

If you are having problems sleeping this is something you may want to try but it is important to consult with doctor before trying anything new.

femMED carries products for women to help with Bone Health, Energy, Hormonal Balance and a number of other products that you may find of help.  You can purchase femMED products HERE online.

femMED has offered one of my readers the chance to try a bottle of  femMED Sleep.  You must be 18+ and have a US shipping address.  Leave a comment on something you do to help you sleep.  Extra entry for liking femMED on Facebook.  Extra entries for each way you follow Kaisy Daisy’s Corner. Giveaway ends July 12, 2013.

Please fill out the form HERE to enter.


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  20 Responses to “femMed Sleep Solution Review and Giveaway”

  1. I have been using zzzQuil for the last year & it is working pretty well for me. For 5 years straight I was sleeping 45-90 minutes a night & the doctor would not prescribe anything to help. He just kept telling me, well, not everybody needs 8 hours sleep a night. True, but I’m pretty darned sure they need more than an hour! It’s maddening when you can’t sleep!

  2. I have sleeping problems, sure could use this

  3. need these

  4. Room-darkening curtains. A comfortably cool room. A fan, set on low to mask noise.

  5. A glass of wine before bed is my only vice!

  6. i listen to relaxing music

  7. I would love to be able to get a good, full night’s sleep. I would love to win this product and if it works, I will definitely buy it.

  8. this would be great to try because I have trouble sleeping. I tend to make the room as dark as possible when going to bed, and no noise or tv on

  9. A 12 pack of beer always helps

  10. I use melatonin and valerian.

  11. need this

  12. I usually read before going to bed…it really relaxes me & helps get me drowsy.

  13. I read before bed.

  14. Relaxing Music helps

  15. radio puts me to sleep

  16. Reading in bed helps.

  17. I usually think of a small phrase and repeat it over and over and over in my head. That will help lull me to sleep.

  18. I turn off all the lights and watch shows online to put me to sleep or I read

  19. I take calcium and benedryl at night to help me sleep and use an eye mask.

  20. Some things that I do to help me sleep are read, work on crossword puzzles and exercise before I lie down in bed.

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