Oct 272012
  • Title: The Preacher and the Prostitute
  • Author: Brenda Barrett
  • Genre: Romance
  • Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/MFY3jK

Book Synopsis:

Maribel struggled to forget her past, when she dabbled in prostitution, made porn videos and was a nude poster girl. She became a Christian and made a decision to use her singing talent to glorify God. However, she quickly realized that a young, single, attractive, talented girl was never going to remain unnoticed at church.
First, she captures the attention of a jealous church sister who is determined to dig into her mysterious past and then the new pastor who seemed to reciprocate her affection. After falling in love with him, her past rears its ugly head and Maribel realizes that she has to tell her new found love the truth about her history before she can accept his marriage proposal. Can a preacher and an ex- prostitute be happy together?

About the Author

Books have always been a big part of life for Jamaican born Brenda Barrett. From as far back as age seven she read her first novel, a wartime love story which took her three days to read because she had no pictures to follow. Seeing her love for reading, and the voracious way she devoured all the ‘grown up’ books in the bookcase, her mother fanned the flames of her obsession by borrowing books from the local library which she deemed age appropriate.
The addiction to books continued through the years and presently she reports that she gets withdrawal symptoms if she does not consume at least four books per week. That is all she can manage these days as her days are filled with writing, a natural progression from her love of reading.
Besides “The Preacher and the Prostitute”, Brenda has six other books, with her eight book (Private Sins) scheduled for release on October 17, 2012.

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I think this is one of the best books I have read in along time. I finished this book in one sitting.  Once I started reading it I could not put it down.  I loved the characters.
Maribel past was not the best she left home at the age of 17 because of an abusive father.  She found a friend on the streets who helped her but her help was lead her into a prostitution and making pron videos and posters. One day her friend was shot right in front of her ~ Maribel decided that she needed to make a change. 
Maribel became got some education and started going to church.  She worked hard at changing her life and becoming more a part of the church.  She was very attractive and had a wonderful singing voice she didn’t want to be noticed but she was. She was notice by the new single good lucky pastor. Sometimes the past is too hard to keep hidden and more often than not everyone has something that is better left in the past.
I don’t want to spoil the story for you but I am sure you will love the book as much as I did. I did shed some tears for Maribel and I cheered for her too.
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