Mar 272013

plogoHave you been looking for  unique and personalized items?  Posy Lane has some great items including Bath Towel, Bath Robes, Travelers Bag and what I was looking for was a Tote Bag.  I wanted a Tote Bag that was big and roomy.  I sometimes stay over a friends house and have had trouble finding something just the right size.  It will also be great to bring on a plane or to the coast for the day.  It is big and roomy!

IMG_0546Isn’t it great?  My bag is made out of Canvas so it is stiff and will hold up well, but they have totes made out of nylon and seersucker which softer in construction and generally conform to what is inside.  Posy Lane carry a lot of different colors – so there is something for everyone.  My bag is great I know I will use it a lot.  I like that it has a pocket on the outside so I can put my keys or phone in it for easy accesses.

Posy Lane carries a ton of products.  They have Personalized Ink Stamps, Phone Cases, iPad Cases, Mouse Pads, Stuffed Animals, Memory Books and much more. It is amazing all the different items they have and that they can personalize them just for you or a special someone you are looking to give a gift to.

Posy Lane, Inc was founded by Kerri Barton in 2007 and her husband Nathen. They actually had a store located in McKinney, Texas.  Customers loved the unique gifts they found for every occasion.  After two years and a first baby the couple decided to focus exclusively on the internet sales.  This had paid off and now you can find unique and personal gifts at Posy Lane.  So if you are looking for a gift make sure you stop HERE first.Kaisy1

Disclaimer: Kay Swederski reviewed this products. I did not receive any money for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and they may differ from yours.




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