Mar 252013

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I drive a pretty long way to work each day – some days spending over an hour in my car each way. So I enjoy listening to Audio Books.  I was recently given the opportunity to listen to some Stories from the Golden Age. These Audio tapes are about 2 hours long and Galaxy Press has over 150 audiobook stories in their collection by L. Ron Hubbard.

The nice thing about these audiobooks is that there is a lot of action in them and you can hear the different characters – with lots of sound effects.  There is also a wide variety of  book types including scifi, fantasy, western, mystery, adventure and more.


The first story I listened to was Sea Fangs ~This was a story with both a hero and heroine who fall in love.  Sailor Bob Sherman was trying to save a yacht from being capsized in a hurricane.  The owners daughter Phyllis was on the ship and believed in Bob.  The yacht was saved only to be taken over by some pirates and all were taken captive.  How do they get out?  You will need to listen to this interesting Audiobook to find out.

I also listened to 2 other Audiobooks Tomb of the Ten Thousand Dead – here an ancient map is found  in an old pottery jar – and troubles brews from then on.  You will want to find out what happens in this suspense filled Audiobook.

The third one I listen to is The Iron Duke another far flung adventure – worth listening to.

Listening to these books bring you back to a time when listening to stories on the radio was an every day occurrence.

I am sure you will find one or two stories that you will enjoy.  You can purchase these Audiobooks online HERE.








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