Sep 162022

You may know someone who has cancer and wonder what you can do. I have found that many people are not sure what to say or do to help. One of the best things you can do is to be there for them. One thing I really find helpful is just something as simple as a hug. Many times I feel alone and all I want is to know that someone cares. Sometimes a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to is nice. It’s a lonely long journey we are on.

My family lives in Wisconsin and I am in Oregon so my family can’t just stop by and drop off dinner or help me clean. If those are things you can do they would mean the world to someone. A friend from back home had arranged for a group of people to send me small gifts in the mail. It was such a nice surprise; and I didn’t even know the all the ladies. The gifts included Grub Hub gift cards, some hats, gift cards and other treats.

One thing I have found that I really treasure are text and emails letting me know that someone cares and is thinking and praying for me. It doesn’t cost you anything and makes my day.

Hugs and prayers to all of you going through this rough road. I am here if you need to talk!

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