Jun 212021

There are so many words that begin with “C” that you could hate – the word I hate is Cancer. I was recently diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Boy, when the doctor said Cancer my world just started spinning. I really didn’t hear anything else he said. I remember that morning going in for a Colonoscopy thinking – well they may find a few polyps and remove them – I never thought he would find a golf ball size tumor and identify it as cancer just by sight.

The next week was a whirlwind – blood test, CT scans and met with the surgeon. He was able to get me in for surgery pretty quickly. He was able to move the tumor and also 20 lymph nodes (16 of those had cancer). In a few weeks I will be going in for Chemo. How scary is that? See another “C” word to hate!

I am here not for you to feel bad for me – because “I am a Strong Girl from Wisconsin and can handle a few sucky months to have many good years to come.” That is my mantra! I am here to say Colonoscopy is a scary word too – the drink is awful – but please get yours done! Don’t be like me and put it off 7 years! It is quite possible if I had gone when I was suppose to they would have removed a few polyps and I would be on my merry way.

I will keep you updated on how I am doing along the way – not sure when Chemo starts but I met with my oncologist next week. I will be on and off depending how I feel – but I will get caught up in the next couple days with some new reviews. I look forward to many more years of connecting with you all.

Here is Jasper keeping me company.

Have a great week everyone! I am a Strong Girl from Wisconsin!

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