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Although the age of consent here in the United States is 18 years of age, the 16-year milestone is also another important birthday. As you already know, 16-year-olds can receive driver’s licenses to begin driving without the help of parents or guardians. Reaching the landmark 16th birthday is also a great excuse to party hard! Unfortunately, however, since most parents aren’t professional event planners, they sometimes make simple mistakes that cause major issues when it comes time to execute the party. Check out these few ways of making birthday parties better.

Design A Way Of Keeping Parents Largely Segregated From Their Kids

Nobody likes partying with their parents, at least not until they become fully-grown adults themselves. As such, especially since 16th birthdays only come once in a lifetime, you need to develop a way to keep parents in a different area than the attendees of your party. This will help your child and every other attendee feel a lot better about being at the party you’re throwing.

Encourage Your Child To Help Decorate And Design

Since the point of birthday parties is to make the people with birthdays feel happy and special, you’re better off achieving this goal by inviting your child to help design and decorate their 16th birthday parties. Even though surprises are always awesome, you should seriously consider saving a surprise party for the future.

If You Really Want Your Guests To Have Fun, Buy Them Gifts

You shouldn’t go all-out and bust your household’s budget just to thank guests for coming to your party, though giving them some sort of token of thankfulness is a great way to hit it over with guests and throw better parties in the future.

If you’ve never planned an event at the professional level, you’re unarguably going to need the help of experienced sweet 16 party planners nj. It’s just about certain that your child will have a better experience at the party you throw them if you get help from a crew of people who throw parties for a living.

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