Nov 122018

It isn’t necessary to completely remodel your kitchen in order to update its appearance and make it more functional. There are several individual projects you can do that can make a dramatic impact in the kitchen. In addition to these projects, which typically require the help of professionals, there are many smaller projects you can do yourself that will enhance your kitchen décor.

New Lighting

You can instantly improve the appearance of your kitchen by replacing outdated lighting with new designs. Electrical projects should be done by a professional to ensure safety. If you have areas of your kitchen where the lighting is insufficient, this would be a good time to add light to those areas. It is helpful to have lighting over the sink, stove, island and in the eating area of the kitchen.

New Appliances

Replacing old appliances is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your kitchen. It also gives you an opportunity to benefit from the many new advances in stoves and refrigerators. When upgrading to new appliances, take time to explore the energy-saving benefits and the amazing ways technology is being incorporated into kitchen appliances. Using appliance installation in Washington dc can assure that your new appliances are installed properly.

Range Hood

A range hood can be an eye-catching part of a kitchen design. Replacing a mundane hood with an artistically attractive design can make a dramatic difference in your kitchen décor. You can rely on appliance installation in Washington DC to install your new range hood. It’s probably not a project you want to attempt.


Replacing your kitchen faucets can add beauty and increased functionality to your kitchen. High-arch faucets, single hand faucets and pull-down faucets are newer designs that can make a basic kitchen task easier.

You can update your kitchen by replacing old accessories with new ones. A new coat of paint on the walls or cabinets can refresh your kitchen. Adding an island or replacing the one you have with a new design can enhance the décor and provide additional workspace.

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