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Have you ever felt stumped over what to gift your loved ones for the holidays? In the end you probably went with a tried-and-true gift card from someplace you know they love. Which is fine, but gift cards can be a bit impersonal. And you can bet that same person will get that same kind of gift card from a dozen other people because no one has really taken the time to get to know them. Bummer. Read on for ways you can come up with great gift ideas, that aren’t gift cards, for your loved ones.

Get to Truly, Deeply Know Your Loved Ones

Sometimes you can live with someone for years and never truly know who they are and what they love. Change that. Get to know your loved ones on a personal level, where you have a memory bank of their interests, passions, hobbies, and favorites. Not only are questions and in-depth conversation great for delving into someone’s ideas of a perfect gift, but it’s a great time to truly, deeply bond.

Ask Around to Their Closest Companions

If you have had one conversation after another and still draw a blank, ask other people that are close to your loved one. You know, the people that are with them every single day. Chances are that somewhere; someone will know an in-depth amount about what makes your gift recipient tick.

Be Aware of Their Needs and Wants

Is someone is moving into their own house for the first time, or if a couple is having their first baby, you have a vague idea of what these people need and want to celebrate the occasions. The same can be said for your loved ones and the rest of the year. Gauge what they want or need from what they are doing at present, then run with some of those ideas.

Look at Their Wish Lists

Everyone has some sort of wish list on the interwebs nowadays. From Amazon and EBay, to Wish and online chain stores, people make wish lists specifically for the occasion of telling someone, “this is what I want.” With that in mind, do a search for their name where you know they love to shop. Or, simply ask to have the URL to their wish list, then pick something that they really want. Get them what they want. Are they fans of anti-aging makeups? Spend a small bundle for a basket. Or, do they love  neck firming lotion ? Snag a bottle, plus a gift card for more when they need it.

If you really get to know someone, don’t be afraid to comprise a care package of their favorites. Getting one awesome gift is lots of fun, but getting several in a basket of goodies is even better.


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