Aug 112017

Do you remember the days when your dog eagerly jumped up to greet you each time you walked through the door? Fido may now raise his head and go right back to sleep. Though you may assume that your dog is just getting older, a lack of activity can be a sign of a dog suffering from pain or poor health. Dogs that are less active can gain more weigh, which increases their risks of developing common medical conditions like diabetes and arthritis too. There are some easy ways you can improve the health of your dog though.

Get More Active

The best way to improve the health of your dog is with some daily exercise. You cannot expect your dog to stay inside all day long without noticing some problems in the future. Even the smallest of dogs need some regular exercise. If you have a fenced in yard, you can let your dog play outside for around an hour, but you’ll want to make sure that you leave out plenty of water, especially on hot days. Try taking your dog for walks daily and giving your pets some toys to play with too.

Change Your Dog’s Diet

Making some changes to your dog’s diet can also help improve its health. While some pet owners swear by natural diets that include foods they make for their dogs like scrambled eggs mixed with fresh vegetables or steak and chicken, you can find healthy food in the grocery store as well as in pet stores. These foods contain real ingredients that you can see each time you feed your dog. Make sure that you follow feeding guidelines too. Feeding your dog too much or too little can significantly affect its overall health.

Use Supplements

Giving your dog a natural supplement once a day can help too. Dog glucosamine is an ingredient found in many supplements that can help relieve pressure on the joints that cause aches and pains. If your dog has trouble walking, laying or sitting because of joint pain, these supplements can help. The best supplements will contain other vitamins and minerals too. You may want to talk with your veterinarian to avoid any negative interactions with the medicines your dog already takes. Using supplements, making diet changes and getting your pet more active can all significantly improve your dog’s health.

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