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After you have been arrested and sentenced for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you may be given a chance to rehabilitate yourself and your behavior. As long as you satisfy the requirements of the court, you may have your sentence reduced or eliminated entirely. Your driving record may also be expunged to conceal your crime.

When you want to satisfy these requirements but lack the time to take an on-campus class, you may wonder how you can fit this instruction into your busy schedule. You may comply fully with the court’s orders by enrolling in virtual classes, a DWI education program online, or other distance learning opportunities available to you.

Choosing the Class You Need

When you visit the institute’s website, you can find a full list of classes that typically satisfy the requirements laid out by most court systems. The classes cover a host of topics but primarily aim to teach you how drinking affects your ability to drive safely.

Along with that particular topic, you also will learn information like how alcohol and drugs impair your ability to think clearly and make good decisions. You may be convinced of the perils of drunk driving and commit to avoiding this crime in the future.

The courses also come with a certificate of completion that you can present to the judge, mediator, attorney, or another person overseeing your case and sentence. The class is designed to be comprehensive yet also timely so you can complete it in good time to reduce or eliminate your sentence.


Despite needing this instruction, you still have to pay for it. The price of the class alone may be enough of a deterrent to convince you to avoid future DUI infractions.

You can find the price for each class listed on the website. You can also find out about payment options if you cannot afford the price of the class upfront. Your receipt for enrolling in the class and paying the required tuition can also serve as proof that you complied with the orders of the court.


Inebriated driving is a crime in all 50 states. Depending on the severity of your charge, you may be sentenced to taking online courses. You can comply with the judge’s orders and learn in depth why you should not drive drunk by choosing and paying for one of the classes on the website.

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