Jul 222017

When you want something unique, check out battery operated centerpiece lights at your party, gift, or craft store or to be provided by your professional event planner if you have a wedding, special occasion, or dance coming up and have hired a planner to help make it a big success. Promotional companies also find that these lights make a good giveaway.

The lights add a delightful final touch to any event and make it truly spectacular and a memorable experience for those lucky enough to take part. You or your planner can create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that will stand out compared to other parties that your guests will have attended.

For example, a Maxcolor Cocktail Table Light enables you to no longer be limited to the standard colors such as red, blue, and green. Now you can choose from a wide spectrum of 20 pre-programmed colors and shades such as pink black, blue black, green black, red black, teal black, yellow black, aqua black, spandex green, and spandex red.

This Table Light attaches to poles with a diameter of ¾ inch to two inches. Easy to install, simply remove the table top and install the support bracket on the support pole wherever desired. Then put the light on the bracket pointing either up from the bottom or down from the top.

A Maxcolor Remote Control turns the light on after you have selected your desired DIY create-and-save color mode and also choose from six flash and fade modes. A charging adapter is included so that there is no need for standard batteries, and the brightness is adjustable. Charge time is approximately five hours, and run time is 8-plus hours.

This Table Light can also be used in floral arrangements and as the interior lighting of props.

Fortune Products has been a wholesale distributor of a wide variety of battery operated event decor products since 1985 and manufactures this Table Light. They also have an incredible selection of LED battery operated lights and other items that will truly “light up” your party. Browse through their catalog or give them a call.

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