Jul 142017

When making choices regarding your interior designs, you should pick colors that make your home décor POP. And, while most classic colors are the go-tos, there are at least 4 non-traditional hues that are more expressive and fun.

Purples – Deep, Lavender, and Plum

This color, while vibrant and gorgeous in every shade, made an appearance in home décor in the 70s. But it would now be considered retro. In some cases, especially when paired with orange, the color can be a tacky reminder of the glory days of disco. However, if you want to use this color nowadays, it’s best to go with solids for your walls. Or, accent your home with purple variations, such as lavender for your bedroom and plum for your bathroom.

Yellows – Sunshine, Mustard, and Golden

Yellow can be too stark for some interior designs. But, if you use the right shades, you can achieve a sunny look that boosts your mood and lifts your spirits. In this case, sunshine, mustard, and golden are three of the best paint colors for home décor. But you can also accent larger spaces with yellow accessories, like a daffodil-yellow vase, or a lemon-yellow throw pillow. In perfect contrast, if you choose yellow as a backdrop color, choose a darker tone, like navy blue, as your forefront color.

Orange – Burnt, Pumpkin, and Tangerine

Orange is a delightful color, mostly reserved for Halloween and Thanksgiving. However, it could make an awesome year-round color if you use the right shade for your home. Burnt, pumpkin, and tangerine add up best with darker-toned interior designs, such as rustic brown, forest green, and crimson red. Sure, this is still an awesome October color to commemorate some amazing holidays. But you can use varying shades of orange at any time to add pizazz and spark to your interior designs.

Pinks – Champagne, Pale, and Hot

Commonly associated with a feminine elegance, pink seems to be the go-to color for princess themes in little girls’ bedrooms or newborns’ nurseries. However, pink can be used anywhere, for anyone. There are lots of different shades, but the aforementioned three in the title are the best for home décor.

The aforementioned colors, albeit non-traditional, would make perfect accents and backdrop tones for your interior design. From commercial kitchens for sale, to rental properties, or your own home, to make your interior décor POP, pick a shade, any shade, and get to painting.

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