Jun 282017

Summer is officially here, and one thing on the minds of many people is wedding season. There are very few events that make a summer memorable like a couple’s nuptial extravaganza. It’s a time for celebrating the union of two unique individuals, and spending time with extended family and friends. It’s also wonderful to see the new themes in attire and aesthetics that the wedding planners choose.

Deciding to be Different

Everyone respects and admires traditional wedding themes. These include black and white formals, large bouquets, a stretch limo, and flowing champagne. It also means an abundance of fine jewelry. Glittering white diamonds are the standard choice, but some people decide to gain attention with other types of jewelry.

Fine jewelry doesn’t just represent a union, it should boldly state the personalities and mutual interests of the couple. For instance, some couples opt for a wedding ceremony that is casual and full of natural world items because they love an active outdoor lifestyle. Perhaps, their deep-rooted belief in environmental concerns is the most important thing to them. They could have fallen in love during an outdoor excursion. For a couple like this, toned-down gemstone jewelry is the ticket. They can display everything from garnets and regional geodes, to sapphires and precious metals. They can even exchange craft jewelry that is handmade by trade artisans at dealers like Brilliant Earth.

Belief and Dedication

For many modern couples, it is not enough to only be dedicated to each other. It is also important to be dedicated to the beliefs that brought them together in the first place. Again, an extremely common ideal for modern couples is environmental awareness. To ensure that all the jewelry featured at a wedding comes from preferred sources, some couples insist that all the pieces are made through ethical practices. This means buying stones and metals that are extracted, fashioned, and sold through industries with high human and environmental standards.

Extremely luxurious alternative wedding jewelry collections are available through fine jewelers. These companies will always be able to prove their design’s origins and authenticity. Wonderful pieces with components like opals and white gold are growing in popularity. It is also wonderful to choose jewelry options featuring environmental themes. Precious metals can be stamped with personalized custom runes, symbols, and lettering that exclaim the philosophical, religious, and lifestyle underpinnings of a couple’s mutual commitments.

Less Expense and More Meaning

It doesn’t take breaking the bank to show love through fine jewelry. Some couples choose to go “all out” on jewelry expense, and that is wonderful! Other couples however, prefer pieces with everlasting meaning, rather than a huge price tag. A fantastic way to achieve the latter is through planning ahead, and taking advantage of online jeweler coupons.

Some of the aforementioned jewelry options are available through jewelers who only sell their items through brick and mortar stores, or through select online affiliates. Sites like Brilliant Earth not only feature entire traditional and non-traditional jewelry catalogs, but rare coupon codes and incentives for shopping. Sources like this can help a couple achieve the goal of inspiring guests, while saving money for their new start together.

Few elements in a wedding ceremony symbolize and capture the essence of the couple like jewelry choice. There are many ways to display passion, glamor, couture, and personal style. Couples taking the matrimonial leap this summer should consider a jewelry collection that makes it truly memorable.


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