Jun 052017

If you have a skin laceration or sprained wrist, then you need medical attention right away. Rather than spending several hours at a hospital’s emergency room, visit the  24 hour emergency clinic Cypress Creek residents recommend to their friends and neighbors. Not only can you have a laceration stitched, but also, you can have a sprained wrist examined to determine if it has any additional problems. There is a good chance that a walk-in medical clinic is covered by your health insurance, and an additional benefit is that you can receive medical care faster to avoid having any complications.

You Can Save Money At a Walk-in Clinic

Walk-in emergency clinics are convenient places where medical professionals are available to diagnose and treat health conditions such as influenza, insect bites or minor injuries. Your insurance provider may supply a list of emergency clinics near your home so that you can seek fast but affordable medical care at anytime of the day or night. Insurance companies understand that walk-in clinics cost less, helping to reduce the price of essential services.

Inform the Medical Staff That You Require Emergency Treatment

When you have a major injury or severe illness, make sure to notify the admission staff in order to have a faster evaluation. If your condition is more serious than you thought, then it is possible for the clinic’s employees to contact the paramedics so that you can go to a hospital for treatment. Some of these situations can include having severe indigestion that is actually a heart attack or having constant vomiting that is caused by an infected appendix. If you believe that you have a major health problem, then you should contact paramedics on your own rather than driving to a walk-in clinic.

Bring Your Health Insurance Card

Emergency walk-in clinic physicians can prescribe medications, collect medical images or check your blood glucose level. The medical personnel at a walk-in clinic are able to treat different age groups. It is important to bring your health insurance information with you to a walk-in clinic, and if you have medical records, then bring those along so that a physician can understand your health history. You can pay for a clinic’s services with cash or a credit card, but it is also possible to have the facility bill you for the treatments.

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