May 252017

One of the most exciting times for parents is waiting for the arrival of a new baby. After the baby arrives, life will be somewhat hectic so now is the time to get a few things accomplished. What are some of the things that can be done while waiting?

Baby Preparations

Finding out the gender of your baby is an exciting step during pregnancy. Most of the time, ultrasounds are done at 18 to 20 weeks, and moms-to-be find out whether they are having a boy or a girl. With the new technology of 3D and 4D ultrasound, often you can find out the gender as early as 13 weeks. However, it is not always possible depending on the position of the baby and other factors.

The images of the baby are much clearer using 3D and 4D. This is one of the reasons parents-to-be choose this type of ultrasound so they have photos of the baby before he or she is born. Before You Were Born Imaging is an example of a company offering  Sonography Adelaide.

The Nursery

Parents often choose to wait until they find out whether they are having a boy or girl to decorate the nursery. Others may choose gender neutral themes. Yellow used to be a popular color when the sex was not known. Today almost any color will work when combined with the right décor. Light blues and browns can be used for girls as well as boys when paired with other items. Customizing the room for either can include wall art, curtains, blankets, lamps, and toys.

Getting the room ready ahead of time will give you plenty of time to decide on the theme. Choosing the furnishings includes making sure there is plenty of storage. Set up baby monitors and get a comfy chair to sit in while feeding the baby or just spending time in the nursery.

The Baby Shower

A baby shower is a fun celebration. Typically for the mom-to-be, it is becoming popular for dads to join in on the fun as well. There are several ideas for a baby shower for both parents-to-be such as barbecues. A family member or close friend usually plans the shower. If it is going to be for both parents, this should be specified in the invitations so that everyone knows couples are invited.

First-time parents will be surprised at how many things are needed for a baby. From the crib to the diapers, blankets, a baby bath, car seat, clothing, and more, the list is quite extensive. Many of these items will be received at a baby shower, and this is a big help to get started. Plus everyone gets to join in the celebration of preparing for the new baby.

Expectant parents should not forget to spend some time on themselves. Moms-to-be need to get plenty of rest and do a few things to pamper themselves. Take naps, get a massage or a manicure and pedicure, go on a picnic, or read a book. Expectant parents should spend time together at dinner, the movies, or wherever they enjoy going. The first few months after the baby arrives will be spent learning all about your new son or daughter, so this time before he or she arrives should be fun and relaxing.

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