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Horses are among some of the most expensive animals to maintain.  They cost a small fortune to house, feed, and care for properly.

When you devote much of your life to rescuing horses that have been rejected, lost, stolen, or otherwise forced out into the wild, you may need to keep your costs as low as possible to continue your work.  You may experience financial respite by investing in business partnerships,  horse insurance, bartering agreements, and other options that might be available to you now.

Reasons to Insure Your Equine Investments

The typical horse’s medical expenses can rival those of the average human.  Vet bills can quickly overwhelm your budget and force you to take a loss on your income and cash flow.  Rather than forgo seeking veterinarian care for your horses, you may be able to ward off the highest costs by insuring them through a specialty equine insurance company.  The specialty insurer may be able to write a policy that lets you get the medical care for your horses but have the bulk of the costs billed to the insurer directly.

In that sense, you can use the policy just as you would your own health insurance for you and your family.  You can take your horse to the vet or have the vet come to your ranch.  The vet can then either send the bill to the insurer to cover or bill the expenses to you, which you can then ask the insurer to reimburse you later.

This policy would let you have your horses vaccinated, examined regularly for good health, and treated medically if they get sick or hurt.  It also would allow you to ensure their longevity and avoid having to destroy them due to preventable and treatable illnesses.

Finding Out More

Before you sign up for a policy, you may want to go to the insurer’s website to learn more about this type of policy.  You can request a quote to find out how much it will cost you.  Your premium for the equine insurance should reflect the age, condition, and value of the horse.

Horses are valuable yet costly investments.  You can keep your expenses to a minimum and even seek reimbursement by having your horses covered by a specialty insurance policy that covers medical care, losses, accidents, sickness, and other unforeseen circumstances.

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