May 082017

Your summer vacation is right around the corner. So, where will you go? What will you do? You could do the same old stuff as usual. Or, you could take a few tips from the following list of ways to make your summer vacation better than ever.

Head Somewhere New

Most people go the same place for every vacation. But eventually the same place becomes as familiar and dull as simply staying home. Same difference. So, make a promise to yourself to go somewhere new. Whether it be a weekend at a paradise island, or a few days in a mountain-bound log cabin, you deserve to see more of the world than you already have.

Make Zero Plans Except for Where You Will Stay

Okay, so this one is a little scary and unconventional—but totally worth it. Some of the best vacations are those without plans and boundaries. So, after you book the  Singer Island Marriott, or wherever you plan to go, make the decision to go wherever, do whatever, and live plan-free for a while.

Book Somewhere Indulgent and Luxurious

You probably stay in the same kind of hotel or bed and breakfast with every vacation. But with a new destination comes new accommodations, so make them count. Book somewhere luxurious and indulgent, where you can bask in the sun from the deck of a 5-star balconette. Or, somewhere you can eat scrumptious gourmet meals and go to bed on goose-feather mattresses.

Take an Out-of-the-Norm Risk

On a normal day, would you sky dive or take any kind of exhilarating risk? Today you might. Be out of the norm and bold for your vacation. Try something new—something that might scare you a little, but in a good way.

Be Lazy for a Day or Two

Pick a day or two where all you do is look at the sceneries around you, laze in the sunshine, and do nothing at all. Most people take vacations to get away from everyday hassles. Ergo, they take vacations to relax. So relax—be at peace and lazy for a few days. It will do you good to refresh your body and free your mind.

Take Lots of Old School Pictures

Invest in an old-school snap camera for your vacation, and take tons of on-roll pictures. Then, when you come back, have them developed at a local drugstore. These will serve as tangible memories of you great time.

The aforementioned short list of tips was created to help you experience a hassle-free, better vacation. So, take some risks, be a bit bold, and feel free to leave the electronics elsewhere.

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