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Family, friends, colleagues, neighbors account for a lot of your gift-giving habits. More importantly, while there is a story behind every gift that you make – whether you choose someone sweet for your best friend or a photo album of your holiday together for your old relatives – there is also a fun explanation for each gift that you receive. You know it, you’ve been on the giving side before. That’s what the person who has just made you a present was thinking at the time.

The secrets of gifters

The Prepared Occasion Gift

Sometimes, the gift takes your breath away. It is perfect in every way, and it matches exactly your tastes. Besides, it’s exactly what you’ve always been dreaming of! How is it possible? Let’s start by stating the obvious: You’ve received a present that has been thought through for the occasion. The person who has chosen the gift for you has invested a lot of time into thinking of something nice that you would love and that you didn’t have. In short, this person is the ideal gifter. But refrain from comparing every other gift to theirs. After all, some people know you better than others.


The Cheap Gift That Looks Expensive

Sometimes, all one wants to do is to pick something that they know will impress you without paying the full price for it. Very few people look at second-hand items, but you will find plenty of smart shoppers who use coupon websites such as The smart shopper could be a careful gifter, who happens to know a few online tips to save money. Or this could be someone who didn’t invest as much thought in choosing the gift than they did in cutting down costs. You’ll notice the coupon addicts rapidly: They tend to buy the same products in several exemplars to make the most of the discount. This could look awkward around the Christmas time.


The Last Minute Gift

There’s also the gift giver who doesn’t always pay attention to dates until it is almost too late. He or she is easy to recognize. It’s the person who gets flowers delivered to you by courier on the day, or who joins your birthday party with a box of chocolate or a bottle of wine. The Last Minute gifter seizes the best way to find a present for the day. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t imaginative or useful. It’s a present, and that’s what counts in their mind. The last minute gifter’s nightmare is to be invited to a party in the middle of nowhere, with no shop to buy the necessary last minute present!

The ‘I Did It Myself’ Gift

There’s a trend about DIY gifts at the moment. Everyone has received once a jar of suspicious looking jam that is labeled handmade by a friend or a neighbor. They might have even found the recipe on, but let’s be honest, that doesn’t make it better. Some people have a lot of qualities, but DIY is none of them. Unfortunately, they often are the ones who are the most enthusiastic about making their gifts. Sickeningly sweet pies, rock-hard jams, crumbly biscuits, you know the kind. Thank them and make a point of sharing it with them. That might discourage them to inflict their cooking skills any further!


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