Mar 092017

Frozen yogurt continues to be one of the most popular frozen dessert options available in stores and restaurants today.  When you want to add this treat to your menu but do not want to make the yogurt yourself in your kitchens, you may find it easier to partner with a vendor who can create treats like ice cream, frozen yogurt products, gelato, and other sweets that will satisfy your clients.  You can find a vendor to do business with by going on the Internet.  You can also find out the advantages of making this dessert option available on your menu.

Space Saving Dessert

When you add treats like cakes, cupcakes, pies, and even ice cream to your menu, you often have to free up space in your kitchen to accommodate the bulk and size of these desserts.  You may need to invest in shelving to store pastries and deep freezers to keep ice cream.  You may take on more expense than you can recoup in profits by choosing these dessert options.

With frozen yogurt, however, you might save the space in your kitchen because it comes in compact cups that are easy to stack in a walk-in or chest freezer.  You can keep plenty of cups of froyo on hand to serve your clients before you have to order more.   The cups also save you money because you do not have to transfer the frozen yogurt to another dish.

The frozen yogurt also comes pre-portioned so that your customers know exactly how much dessert they are getting when they order this menu item.  Many states require restaurants to provide nutrition details on their menus.  You can provide weights, calorie counts, and more easily because the frozen yogurt is already weighed out and packaged for you.

Healthy Dessert

Another advantage that could come with adding this treat to your menu centers on giving your clients a healthy dessert to enjoy.  Unlike ice cream, which is laden with fat and calories, frozen yogurt comes in fat-free and low-fat varieties.  Your customers can eat a dessert that satisfies them without the fear of packing on pounds.

Frozen yogurt can be a great seasonal or permanent menu addition.  You can save space in your kitchen and find a dessert that is healthy and delicious by going online today to learn more about frozen yogurt.  This treat comes pre-packaged and ready to eat.

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