Feb 162017

Whether you have a large, spacious back yard or one with limited space, you can create an outdoor living space with an inviting atmosphere and relaxing ambiance. With some good planning and creative design tips, your back yard can become a beautiful, comfortable space where you will love to spend time with family and friends. Here are some important design tips to get you started.

Create Comfortable Seating Areas

Whether you plan to entertain or just relax with a good book, you will need comfortable seating areas. For casual conversations and relaxation, create a comfortable seating area with cozy lounge chairs and ottomans or a relaxing hammock for lazy afternoons. If you plan to entertain outdoors, create a cooking and dining area with an outdoor table and comfortable chairs that will provide adequate seating for family and guests. To provide functional surfaces and outdoor storage, consider small tables that can be moved easily and outdoor benches with storage underneath.

Provide Warmth and Cozy Ambiance

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit will provide warmth for chilly days, additional light for evenings, and cozy, inviting atmosphere. Consider these important design tips:

* Fireplace – An outdoor fireplace will cost more to build than a fire pit because it has a chimney that requires proper ventilation for safety. You will need a general contractor  to get building permits and build an outdoor fireplace that complies with local code regulations.

* Fire Pit – A fire pit is built low to the ground and has no chimney, so it does not require safety ventilation, special features, or a building permit. It’s much less expensive and easier to build, and it can be installed anywhere in your back yard, even on an outdoor patio or deck.

Create Visual Interest in the Yard

If you want an outdoor living space that’s inviting, it’s important to create visual interest that draws attention to backyard features. You can do that by creating a unique focal point in the back yard and using outdoor lighting that highlights special landscaping features. To create visual interest, consider a beautiful garden area filled with seasonal flowers that will bloom year-round or fresh herbs that will be great for cooking. Outdoor water features create soothing sounds and relaxing atmosphere, so add a fountain or rock waterfall. To provide softness and light, add outdoor lighting that highlights landscape areas and other backyard features.

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