Oct 162016


Sugary sweets and treats are the snack of choice as Halloween approaches. While it can be especially tough to stick to your healthy habits this time of year, Yonanas makes it easy to join in on the fun without overindulging! Yonanas, the fun, easy kitchen gadget, makes 100% fruit soft-serve, sans the dairy, fat and artificial ingredients. The Tropical Candy Corn Yonanas recipe is a great guilt-free seasonal treat made with fruit only. Follow the steps below to have a healthy Halloween!


·         Tropical Sorbet Yonanas

·         Papaya Yonanas

·         Coconut Yonanas


1.       Slightly thaw your frozen fruit prior to putting through your yonanas maker.

2.       Make all three Yonanas recipes: Tropical Sorbet Yonanas, Papaya Yonanas & Coconut Yonanas

3.       Scoop Coconut Yonanas into a clear glass. With an offset spatula or spoon spread Coconut Yonanas evenly into glass

4.       Scoop Papaya Yonanas into glass on top of Coconut Yonanas and spread into an even layer

5.       Scoop Tropical Sorbet Yonanas into glass on top of Papaya Yonanas

 Yonanas is sold at retailers nationwide starting at $49.99 and is available online at www.yonanas.com.  I will have to look into getting a Yonanas.  The machines look like they are easy to use and clean.  What a great healthy alternative to candy or ice cream!


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