Sep 112016

Your parents cared for you during your younger years, and when they reach an advanced age, they expect you to care for them. Sending a parent or elderly family member to a nursing home is something you might put off for years. While you might assume that your home is in good condition and ready for that loved one, the elderly need more help than you might expect. Look at the three necessary changes you must make before moving in an elderly loved one.

Overall Layout

The biggest change you must make is to the overall layout of your home. Think about where that person will live and where the individual will spend most of his or her time. You need to make sure that the hallways are free of any obstacles and that they can easily walk around the bedroom, living room, kitchen and any other shared areas of your home. Those who use wheelchairs or walkers may require even more space. You will need to rearrange your furniture, and you may even need to remove some furniture and accessories from your home to make life easier for your loved one.

Bathroom Renovation

Many elderly people have mobility issues that can impede them when taking a shower or using the bathroom. Home improvement stores sell tons of accessories that you can use to renovate your bathroom. A shower chair allows your loved one to sit down while taking a shower, and hand rails that install on the walls help those with more mobility stay safe in the shower. You may need to install hand rails near the toilet too and replace your current sink with a pedestal sink that can accommodate a wheelchair.

Stair Chair

If you have a home with two or more stories, consider investing in a stair chair or a stairlift. When shopping for stairlifts Long Island shoppers will find fits designed for exterior spaces, the inside of their homes and even those that work with curved staircases. These lifts allow your loved one to take a seat and press a button to slowly get upstairs without actually climbing all those stairs. A lift is a great option for an elderly person who sleeps on an upper floor. With a stairlift, simple bathroom renovation and a layout change, you can make your home more accessible for an elderly loved one.


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