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Want to look, feel and think more beautifully? We called upon several experts in dermatology, longevity, psychology and even plastic surgery to bring you 10 unexpected things to consider adding to your beauty bucket list. They are…

1. Only drink water for 30 days. Imagine the benefits to your skin, hair, nails and overall body when you cut out sugars, caffeine, alcohol, and anything artificial and go straight H20. Dr. Christopher Calapai D.O. anti aging and stem cell specialist says, “be sure to drink pure water and if it gets boring add lemon, lime, or blueberries. Within the first week you will notice skin that is plump, glowing, clear and soft. By the second week people will take notice asking what you have done. The difference, for those who stick to a water only beverage plan for 30 days is astounding.”

2. Ditch all facial products for a month. Look at your bathroom countertop and drawers. Product overload is common. Perhaps you bought into the promises of one product then jumped to another and another. Clear the clutter and clear your skin. Dr. Kally Papantoniou a board certified dermatologist in New York urges people to get rid of old expired skincare products and get back to basics. Using a simple non comedogenic facial cleanser and a moisturizer with SPF each day for a month will allow the skin to heal itself and return to a natural state. After 2 weeks of a simplified skincare regimen you may see fewer and less intense breakouts, less dryness or less oil.

3. Change your hair color and style. It’s quite common for women to drastically change their hair after a break-up but why wait for an emotional upheaval? Have long hair? Try a pixie cut! Have a short brown bob? Go blonde! Dr. Sanam Hafeez, NYC based licensed neuropsychologist and teaching faculty member at the prestigious Columbia University Teacher’s College, explains that our hair is a huge part of our identity. “When we really want a change in our lives, the fastest way to shift your mind towards forward progression is to alter our appearance in a major way. The best part with experimenting with hair is that it can grow back and you can enjoy different styles during the grow out process.”

4. Give the girls a lift or go smaller!  Dr. John Zannis a board certified plastic surgeon from North Carolina, says that breast augmentation done to mothers who breastfed multiple children is a game changer. “These women come in to see me feeling as if their breasts don’t match their zest for life. They want them lifted and fuller and back to what they were before breastfeeding.” Further women whose smaller frame can’t handle large breasts leading to back and neck strain and even nerve damage can benefit from breast reduction. “Breast reduction changes lives. I have seen it in my practice. Women feel free going from an F cup to a full B. No more neck aches and shoulder pain not to mention bra straps digging into skin.”

5. Learn to meditate. Want to appear 5 – 10 years younger within a month? Start meditating. Studies have shown that people who meditate are more optimistic, more calm and able to remain focused. They seem to breathe more deeply and have this general vibe of self-awareness. People who meditate know how to declutter their minds of worrisome thoughts that only perpetuate accelerated aging and illness. Dr. Hafeez encourages her patients to meditate by engaging all 5 senses. “When we sit or lay still and focus on our breathing and immediate surroundings we become fully present.”

6. Get a skin check up, head to toe by a pro. People mistakenly think that total body skin screenings are for the pale and cancer prone. This is not the case. Even people who never burn in the sun should have a check up. “There are places where precancerous moles like to hide such as in the scalp, behind ears, in-between toes and under nails,” explains Dr. Papantoniou. “It’s always good to be safe and get moles and other growths looked at as we age.”

7. Get it “fixed.” Maybe you broke your nose playing soccer at 14 and it never healed right affecting your breathing not to mention making a common cold a catastrophe. Now that you’re an adult and your facial bones have settled into place consider a nose job. Dr. Zannis, warns that a broken nose can complicate breathing which can lead to sleep apnea and a host of other sinus issues. “Most of the time it’s not only a cosmetic issue it goes deeper than that. It’s important that the functionality of the nose is a priority. Many of my cases have experienced an injury to their nose which not only affected the appearance but their breathing.”

8. Buy a luxurious bathrobe. Admit it those robes found at spas and 5 star hotels are comfortable, really really, really comfortable. It’s amazing how something so simple can really make you feel so beautiful. “Adding a touch of luxury to your life is a kind way to pamper yourself. Women of all shapes and sizes have body issues so if it feels great to wrap your body in a plush terry cloth robe go for it!, offers Dr. Hafeez.

9. Go back to bedtime. When we sleep our body repairs itself. When we are overworked, over worried and sleep deprived our bodies don’t have the time to regenerate. This leads to a slower metabolism, poor organ function and sallow, wrinkled skin. “As we age we need a set bedtime and wake-time. The sleep cycle is pivotal for cellular turnover. New mothers often see more wrinkles and a difference in skin texture and radiance because they are awakened several times during the night,” offers Dr. Calapai. Ideally adults need between 6 and 8 hours of sleep each night.

10. Get those earlobes repaired! From the most simple ear lobe repair for a torn ear lobe, to the more complex repair of ear gauges, you can now have your ear lobe back. Dr. Papantoniou offers this procedure in office, with local anesthesia and stitches that are dissolvable. “The ear heals very quickly and scars are minimal. The ear can be re-pierced 2-3 months after having the repair surgery,” she explains.

How many of these great types will you try in August?  There are a number that I want to do. Regardless of where you are on your beauty journey of life know that how we feel matters most and feeling good from the inside always makes the outside more healthy, vibrant and beautiful.


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  1. These are great ideas.I especially like the one that advises you to only drink water for a month!

  2. This are great tips! I’m going to try just drinking water for a month. I like to put cucumber and lemon into sparking water.

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