Mar 222016


March is National Craft Month so I wanted to make sure I completed my new throw.  This is the finished product don’t you just love the colors?  It is a crocheted blanket with about 11 colors – and it is made using the Twilight Shell pattern.  It was a pretty easy pattern to follow.  The changing of the colors helped so it was not a boring project and went pretty quick.


Look how pretty the design is.  The one nice thing about this pattern is that if you goofed up on a row – you found out the next row and you did need to go back and fix it!  I ended up having to go back often!  It is a pattern you need to make sure you pay attention to!


I love the jewel tone colors ~ they all went together so well.  The yarn I found in a Colour Pack from Deramores – they have a variety of yarn that they package up together.  It makes it so easy to make a nice looking blanket.

I have two other crochet patterns I want to tackle in the next couple months. I am looking forward to starting them!  What projects do you have to share? I would love to hear about them!



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  1. Love the colors & the shells!

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