Feb 252016

The warmer spring like weather is (nearly) upon us. So it has got me thinking about my spring and summer wardrobe. There are a few things that come out year after year and never go out of style. It is nice to add new things each season, though, right? So, to save Y’all some time, I have put together a list of some of the things that will be in style this coming season. I’m not saying I will be wearing all of them, but they are all hot trends to look out for.

70s Inspired

This is a fun trend that you’ll see cropping up. Whether it is with a jacket or a skirt, suede, with a look right from way back when is set to popular. It is a fairly safe look I would say and pretty much everyone can wear it. I can’t see it working too well when the weather is super hot, though. What are your thoughts?




Flat Mules

Spring and summer and a time for flats I think. Flip flops and sandals are the best just to throw on when it is warm, or you are on vacation. Flat mules (or outdoor slippers as they get quite often called) are going to be popular. Yay for fashion and comfort! They may not be everyone’s taste, though. But if it is good enough for Victoria Beckham, right?


Hallelujah and another amen for a comfortable and stylish trend. Pleats are so easy to wear and so easy to care for too. They wash on cold and then just need to be hung to dry naturally. They don’t crease up like silk or cotton, so they are perfect for wearing or summer trips. I love pleated skirts and dresses and think that this style trend is awesome.


Lightweight denim is a great option for spring and summer. So if you have a denim skirt, dress or shirt, then be sure to pull it out. It is an easy to wear look that looks great with some clogs or sandals. Half moon shaped bags are pretty stylish this season this season. So grab a light brown leather half moon bag and team it with a denim dress. Some bold eyewear would look amazing too.



Prairie Tops

Forget Heidi-style braids, this is how to work the season’s prairie-peasant style vibe. You could go for extra style and perhaps go for a ruffled style too? The great thing about this is that it can also be worn on cooler days. When the weather can’t decide what to do, you can just layer it up.

This is another great style that is easy and comfy to wear. When you don’t want to wear sandals, having a pair of sneakers to grab is great. You should keep them plain and simple. A plain style is best, particularly if they are bright white. This is one we can all add to our shopping list, right? So easy to wear, perhaps with a denim skirt.



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