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Need to cut down the contents of your overcrowded make-up bag? Or want to ensure you always have the basics on you? These are ten beauty items you’ll always want to have close at hand.


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  1. An everyday lipstick

Whether this is a bold red, a vampy purple or a classic pink, every woman needs a signature lipstick. If it’s an affordable brand, keep one at home and one in your handbag so it’s always close at hand. A quick swipe of colour over your lips can brighten your whole look.


  1. An effective concealer

A concealer in the wrong shade is about as effective as no concealer at all. In fact, it might well be even worse because it can draw the eye to what you’re trying to cover. A concealer should disappear into your skin when you apply it, and look natural. This is how you know you’ve found the right one. You also want it to be long-lasting so you don’t have to worry about top-ups. Once you’re out and about, your hands and fingers will be getting dirty. Touching blemishes with dirty fingers is a no-no, so make sure your concealer is up to the task.


  1. A colour-matched foundation

As with concealer, foundation that is not in the right shade can make you look worse. To prevent tidemarks, always blend it right down to your neck, over your ears and up to the hairline. The better quality the brand, the better products. ABH products are a great example of this.


  1. A long-lasting eyeshadow

Eyeshadow that rubs off after an hour is no good at all! Invest in a neutral coloured eyeshadow with lasting power. If you already have lots of eyeshadows, invest in a eyeshadow primer instead. These will help keep it in place.


  1. A trusty bottle of dry shampoo

Life is busy, and sometime washing our hairs task priority. Keep a bigger bottle of dry shampoo at home, and keep a travel sized version on you. It really is a miracle product for freshening up limp, greasy locks. Plus it will tide you over until you next have time to wash your hair.


  1. A black mascara

An essential in every woman’s arsenal. Brown, clear and coloured mascara is great too, but a standard black version is a necessity.


  1. A pot of Vaseline

One of the most versatile products out their, Vaseline can help with a number of things. It can act a highlighter on cheeks, and to tame brows. Some people also claim that it can make eyelashes grow this. Oh and let’s not forget about using it on your lips.


  1. A clear nail varnish

Clear nail varnish is not only great for nails, it can also help stop tights ladders in their tracks!


  1. A sturdy pair of tweezers

Tweezers aren’t just handy for hair removal. You can use them to apply false eyelashes more easily, and to pick up small objects like gems if you’re doing something fancy with your nails.


  1. A setting powder

Not only will a setting powder keep your makeup in place, it will also reduce shine. Plus it will stop your makeup from running if you’ve got a frantic day ahead. Keep in your handbag for top ups.


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