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Why do people go on vacation? We spend a lot of time planning and saving up in order to enjoy a week or two every year of sunshine in an unfamiliar setting. There isn’t anything quite like living it up in another country, is there? The opportunity to explore and experience new cultures is one of the best things we can do.


And while being on holiday is usually a lot of fun, the lead up can be quite challenging. Especially on the big day, when all our plans seem to collide in one big mess that leaves us stressed and anxious. Well, given that holidays should be all about relaxation, here are a couple of things you can do on the day you travel to take some of that stress out of the equation.




How many people are guilty of leaving their packing until the very last minute? Raise your hands. I’m one of those people, too. I guess it’s just human nature to leave things until the last possible second before we have to attend to it. However, this creates a bunch of unnecessary stress. You’re bound to run into problems with this method. You won’t be able to find everything you need. You’ll find that your swimsuit doesn’t fit anymore. Or, worse still, you can’t seem to find your passport! Why put yourself through all of that? Get packing done well in advance so you can alleviate some of that vacation day stress.



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Getting to the Airport


This is a tricky one, for a myriad of reasons. While there is no shortage of options, they all come with their own list of pros and cons. You could always drive to the airport, but that involves paying a premium for airport parking. And we all know how expensive that can be, right? Forget that. How about taking a taxi cab? It’s a viable option, for sure, but it’s still not cheap. Better still, how about a car rental? It’s far cheaper than you might think, and you can find Hotwire car deals online. You’ll be surprised by how easily accessible it can be.


At the Airport


This is where a lot of people start to lose their minds. All of that waiting around and with nothing much to do, it’s no wonder you might start to get restless. Instead, even if you find your flight has been delayed, try not to worry too much about it. Spend your time wisely and you can stave off boredom. Hit up the airport bar, do a little bit of shopping, or have some lunch. Whatever you need to do to pass the time.


On the Plane
Another area where boredom can take a hold is on the flight. Minutes seem to pass by like hours, and there’s no let-up. The flight seems to take forever and you’re losing your mind! It’s imperative that you take a bunch of things to keep you occupied. Whether that’s loading up your tablet with movies, listening to music, or even just getting some sleep. Staying occupied will make the time pass by much more quickly.

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