Dec 182015

If you have been to a hospital or doctor’s office, then you have probably noticed that employees wear lab coats. They aren’t wearing them for a fashion statement. Most workers will wear coats for a variety of reasons that are professional in nature.

While wearing Dickies lab coats, as well as those from other companies, the worker has at least some form of protection against fluids that might get on the clothing. This could be blood or other bodily fluids that would stain the clothing or skin or that could cause harm if they are ingested. Most workers will wear a mask and some other form of protection while working with patients.

Some doctors and nurses will wear a lab coat to give a professional look. If a patient sees that the worker is dressed nicely and looks like he has just left a business meeting instead of wearing only a buttoned shirt and tie, then the worker might be trusted a little more. There are a few different styles of coats to choose from depending on the work environment. Some coats are shorter than others, often worn by those who are in an office through the day instead of dealing with the physical work of being with patients. There are coats that can be worn that are wrinkle and stain resistant to give more of a professional look that some doctors desire.

If the coat is kept in an office, then it could prevent some of the contamination from germs and bacteria that would be taken home to family members. Coats should be washed on a regular basis, but since most are white in color, they can be cleaned with a bleach detergent so that bacteria are killed.

Those who work in a lab will find that a lab coat can help prevent chemicals from getting on the skin and clothing. This is sometimes more important as there are chemicals that can burn on contact. They can also cause rashes that might be irritating. Coats are often fire resistant as well, which can be another benefit for those who work in a lab setting.


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