Jul 242015

Gelato Makes a Great Addition to Summer Parties

Pool and other summer parties are a lot of fun. Ice cream is an essential at these warm-weather gatherings. If you want to make sure everyone is pleased with the treats that are available, consider adding some gelato to the available mix of sweet treats to enjoy.

Why Gelato is Popular

Gelato products are increasing in popularity in both ice cream shops and stores. This Italian-style ice cream offers a lighter taste that is low in fat. However, nobody has to sacrifice taste when they eat gelato. This yummy treat has a unique flavor that people will come to love quickly.

What Should a Gelato Maker Have?

There are a few things that gelato makers need to have. A couple are frozen yogurt cups and gelato pan liners that help ensure that the ice cream comes out perfectly. These pan liners hold 5 liters, and there are matching lids available. You will also want to make sure you are well-stocked with disposable cups and spoons.

Do Reusable Liners Make a Difference?

Everyone in the catering business needs to find ways to save time, and disposable items seemingly offer a quick solution. However, reusable liners for gelato pans are a very good solution that has broad appeal. One of the biggest advantages is that you will save money by not having to replace these liners. The more you control your operating costs, the more product variety you will be able to offer your customers.

Keeping Everything Safe

One of the biggest advantages that reusable liners offer is making it easy to transport the gelato to the event. You can be sure that each of your flavors will have its own liner, complete with a lid to keep everything secure. The best part of using these containers is that it is easy to store everything after the event.

Buying the right supplies for making gelato makes a crucial difference for a business that makes a lot of ice cream. Companies that rely on ice cream sales or catering orders featuring ice cream will enjoy taking advantage of gelato. Using the best supplies and equipment for manufacturing ensures that your gelato will be a winner each time.


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