Jun 292015

Enjoy Sunny San Diego ā€“ Even on a Tight Budget
San Diego is known for being an ocean-front city that is family-friendly, has immaculate beaches and some of the freshest seafood restaurants in the country. This is also an active naval community with Navy shipyards on the coast. Travelers can watch the daily activities on the ships from a short distance away, with USS Midway museum being close by as well.
Affordable and Free Activities
While visiting San Diego, visit the San Diego Zoo with the family. There are activities for children of all ages, gift shops, eateries and of course, nearly any animal you can imagine is part of an exhibit. This city has an abundance of city parks for families to walk and picnic in.
Street festivals are free to attend. You may find cheap eats via street vendors while walking through a festival or other street event. With this city being a coastal one, a view of the ocean is free from any beach.
Finding Hotel Deals
When you need to find affordable hotels in San Diego, a prime source is a comparison website. Not only are you shown the ratings and names of the hotels listed but the pricing of those hotels as well. Some sources show pricing from multiple resources to show the price comparison from one website to another.
To find the best affordable hotel for your budget, create a list of items that the hotel must have. These would be items that you have to have available to be comfortable staying at that location. Include amenities and whether or not the hotel must be pet-friendly as well.
Consider staying off of the beaten path a little bit. If you are just outside the center of the city, you will find more affordable hotels to choose from.
Dining on a Budget
San Diego has a mix of small cafes and locally owned restaurants. Pick up local publications such as city guides, newspapers and local magazines to get dining coupons or read upcoming specials. These deals can help you visit some of the higher-class restaurants in the city without blowing your food budget.
There is plenty to do in San Diego from touring the different districts of the city to shopping and just experiencing the San Diego lifestyle. At the end of a busy day of sightseeing, wind down in your hotel suite with a glass of wine and take in San Diego’s night time cityscape and prepare to call it a day.


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