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Shopping for gifts can be tricky if you don’t know where to start. I find it’s especially tricky if you don’t know the person that well. I never want to buy a gift for someone that’s just going to collect dust in a draw. I’ve put together some thoughts and ideas that will hopefully make your gift shopping easier.


Birthdays come around quicker and quicker every year. It can even be harder when you know some well, as you have to come up with a new gift idea each year!

It is an advantage if you do know someone well. You can investigate the things they are interested in and look for something they’ll love. If you know of a person’s interests, look for events or limited edition items connected to that interest.

Buying gifts for birthdays can be easier when someone reaches an age like 21 or 40. Many stores will categorise gifts into sections for these “big” birthdays.

If you are struggling, it can be useful to look at seasonal gifts. For example, if you are buying for a summer birthday, think of gifts that they could use outside. They will get a practical gift that that they can use right away!

Public Holidays

Mother’s Day, father’s day and valentine’s day all seem to come one after the other. It gets even more complicated if you have a large family.

Remember, these holidays, although they are nice to celebrate, don’t need to be a huge expense. Think of these holidays as a special day to spend time with your loved ones.

For mother’s day and father’s day, small personal gifts will go far. All parents enjoy receiving gifts from their children, no matter the age or expense. Handmade gifts will always be one-of-a-kind and treasured, as well anything personalised.

Valentines day is similar. Receiving a handmade or personalised gift from a partner is bound to bring out a smile.

For these kinds of special occasions, photos are ideal. You can present pictures in many exciting ways. Photobooks, digital frames, calendars and more. It’s even possible to print your favourite photos directly from social media.

Weddings And Engagements

Have you been invited to a wedding, but aren’t sure what to bring? Most couples will take the strain away from you by registering wedding gift items. If they don’t, that’s when it gets more complicated.

It’s the same for engagements. Have you found yourself happy about the news but panicking about a gift?

For both weddings and engagements, it’s a good idea to buy a present for the couple, rather than as individuals. If you know them well, think of something that is meaningful to them both. Personalised items are often received well as they are unique to whomever you give them too. Personalised items can be creative and exciting. Think about personalising kitchen gadgets, homeware, photo frames and more.

Another great gift idea is to think about purchasing an experience day for the couple in question. An experience day is something different which they can both enjoy. You can buy experience days that range from race car driving to relaxing spa trips! You needn’t worry about booking the day either; the couple can choose a date and time that suits them at a later date.

When it comes to wedding anniversaries, it is a little easier as you can choose a gift based on the traditional theme. For example, for a silver anniversary, get something silver. Or, you could choose a gift based around the appropriate symbolic flower. For example, for a January wedding anniversary it’s carnations. With these themes in mind, you can get creative and tie tradition to something that represents the couple.


The birth of a child is a large event in anyone’s life. If it is someone who is close to you, it’s even more exciting!

When shopping for newborns, remember that babies grow up fast. Choose clothing that the child can grow into for a guaranteed fit. Children need lots of clothes as they grow so you can be sure the parents will appreciate the gift.

Another great idea is to create a care package for the new parents. You could just fill a hamper with useful gifts for the baby as well as relaxing gifts for the parents. This way you can mix and match products that are within your budget.

A gift that is a popular choice for newborns is jewellery made for the parent or child. Usually, this will be a necklace or bracelet engraved with the baby’s name. Don’t be put off by the fact that it is a popular choice. A gift such as engraved jewellery can stay with people for years!

If you’re looking for something small enough to fit inside a card, a voucher for or towards a newborn photo shoot is a good idea. New parents always want to have pictures that they can look back on in later years. A newborn photoshoot is a great, sentimental gift.


Christmas can be hard as it’s difficult to think of new, exciting gift ideas. It can also be expensive if you buy your gifts in a hurry. If you buy your presents at least two months in advance, you’ll have plenty of time to plan.

When you go shopping, carry a notebook or use your mobile phone to record any good gift ideas you spot throughout the year. If you have notes, it means that when it comes to shopping, you’ll already be armed with ideas.

If you are struggling with Christmas, or any other special occasion gift ideas, the best thing to do is ask. Speak to the person that you are buying the gift for and their friends and family for inspiration. If someone isn’t too sure, ask what they are interested in and find out what they like to do. A little bit of background makes the gift buying process much easier!

What do you think of my tips? Leave a comment below with your best gift ideas.


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  1. Wonderful tips! I often do have a hard time knowing what to get people for different events. This really helps!

  2. these are very nice

  3. I often find it difficult to buy for people that I don’t know very well. Such as co-workers or my husbands co-workers. So thank you for this article. Lots of great tips and ideas.

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