Dec 292014

Do you make the same resolutions every year?  This year I am calling them New Years Goals.  I am setting my goals to lose weight and take better care of myself.  I have over the years always had the same resolutions and by the 3rd or 4th week of January I give them up.  I think what I need to succeed are the right tools.   Below are the top 4 popular resolutions with some great ways to help achieve them.  Are yours the same as mine?  What do you plan to do different this year than in the past? What helps you succeed?

Resolution #1: Losing weight

  • Try: Dietbet – a social dieting online interactive community that provides constant motivation to help you lose weight. Tailored as 4-week “games” run by top trainers Jillian Michaels and Chris/Heidi Powell, dietbet fuels self-competition and accountability to lose weight for good. Their new app JUST released makes weight loss accessible 24/7!

Resolution #2: Making health and wellness a priority

  • Try: The MD Factor (released 1/5/15)– written by a board-certified weight loss physician with a specialization in nutrition, metabolism and weight management, the book debunks diet myths, explains portion control and explains how to rev metabolism and makeover your health/wellness through quizzes, self-assessments and research-based insight.

Resolution #3: Exercising More, Taking on a marathon or fitness goal

  • Try: 4id’s new fitness glow gear – A new line of reflective glow fitness products to stay safe and seen during outdoor workouts. All products are waterproof, customized with light-up settings and can be easily removed post-workout.

Resolution #4: Eating healthier, Learning more about nutrition

  • Try: bistroMD prepared meals – A line of perfectly portioned meals scientifically proven to fuel metabolism and weight loss created by a team of RDs, chefs and nutritionists. Users custom-choose their 5 or 7-day meals after a nutrition consult. Meals are delivered to recipient’s door and are created with the freshest ingredients.



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