Dec 242014

50 days of Christimas

Tomorrow is Christmas.  What a fun time I had putting up my 50 days of Christmas post.  I hope you all enjoyed them. Today I want to talk about traditions again.  When I was growing up we use to go to Church on Christmas Eve and while we were gone Santa Claus would come and leave lots and lots of presents! One year he even came when we were getting dressed for church!  We even have a Santa suit in the family that someone would dress up in to bring presents after we were home or later on for  the niece and nephews. The tradition of Santa Claus coming still goes on to this day at my Mom’s IMG_0917(1)probably for the last time this year as she just went into assistant living but this year my family that live in the area will stop and visit and Mom will be there.

One other tradition my brother Dave who lives in Florida and me in Oregon carry on is making my Mom’s recipe for little smokies.  It is weird how that makes us feel a bit more like we are with family.  The recipe is so easy – you take equal amounts of yellow mustard and grape jelly (I use about 1/2 a container of each) and heat them together.  Once blended add the little smokies and cook on low or in crock pot for a few hours until the sauce thickens. It might sound like it is a weird combination but they taste great! These are served at my Mom’s too on Christmas Eve.

Living out here in Oregon I have new traditions ~ Rex and I each open one present on Christmas Eve before he goes to work.  I make the little smokies and watch some Hallmark Christmas Movie.  Christmas Day I will make hot chocolate, french toast and sausage and Rex, Joey and I will open the rest of our presents.  Rex has to work Christmas Night so I will probably watch another Christmas Movie.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy it with family and friends. Merry Christmas to each of you!



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  1. I will miss this count down, it was fun to read each day
    We still make the Lil Smokies on Christmas Eve…it just wouldn’t be the same without them
    Thank you for all the blogs…so fun peaking into fun things

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