Jun 052012

I am a 40 something woman living in the beautiful Northwest.  I am from Wisconsin (I love the Green Bay Packers) but have lived in Oregon for almost 20 years now. I have grown to love the weather and people here.
I have a few passions – reading, cooking, and crafts.  I love entertaining and trying new recipes. I grew up in a big family so there is always plenty of food.  My love of reading started when I was young.  We could always read for half hour before lights out at night. I read a wide variety of  genres including Cozy Mysteries, Romance, Contemporary, and YA books.  I have also always been creative and have done all types of crafts since I was young.  Recently I have discovered beads and jewelry making. 
I will be posting book reviews, giveaways, new recipes, and things I make in my blog.