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When local writers present their books at the Pecan Bayou Library, one author gets a killer review. Betsy Livingston, there to talk about her own gripping book on helpful hints around the house, finds herself the prime suspect for the murder. Join Betsy in her second mystery as she tries to clear her own name in this hilarious tale of small town Texas life and murder.
Book Except:

“Aunt Maggie, have you ever made one of these fancy cakes?”
“Like what? Like what you see at the grocery?” Maggie’s voice rose at the end, exaggerating her Texas accent.
I propped up the book for her to see a cake titled “Undersea Fantasy,” which featured crabs, turtles and dolphins all crafted out of what looked like marshmallows and licorice strings. She peered at it, adjusting her bifocals on her nose as I explained to her what Rocky had asked me to do for Creative Cooks Day.
“Gee, Betsy. I’m thinkin’ you’re in over your head this time. I remember when you tried to make Danny that smiley face cake. The black icing you used on the grin ran down the side and it about scared him to death. Surprised he made it to his next birthday without counselin’.”
I scratched my head. “Oh, yeah. I forgot about that, no wonder on the video all the kids were screaming.”
“Sure, and then there was the time you tried to make Judd that cake and forgot to put the eggs in.”
“I should have caught that.”
“Yeah, we had to put candles on a box of honey buns that day. You got a track record  for  bad baking, baby girl.”
Zach and Danny ran into the kitchen. “Mama,” Danny said. “We’re going to break the world record.”
“What world record?” Maggie asked.
“All of them!” Danny answered.
“We’re still figuring out what incredible thing we’re going to do, Aunt Maggie, so I’m glad you got your hair done.” Zach stretched out his arms, imagining his future paparazzi. “There will probably be hundreds of reporters out on the lawn after we do it.”
“Thanks for the warning,” she smiled.
I paged through the glossy photos in the cookbook. There were cakes that looked like circuses, swimming pools, insects, hats, cartoon characters. I started having a case of baking terror. “You know, Aunt Maggie. I could always drive into Houston and buy something and bring it back. They’ll never know.”
“You’ll know.”
I sighed.
“You could make a cake out of rubber bands,” suggested Zach.
I nodded. “That’s original, but not too tasty.” I turned the page and spotted the cake labeled “Beginner’s Crocodile Cake.” How kind of them to have a cake that was supposed to be easy enough for people like me. I grabbed a pen and started writing down the ingredients I would need. Surely I could stir up some green frosting and turn it into something.

Teresa Trent wasn’t born in Texas but after a few glasses of sweet tea and some exceptional barbecue she decided to stay. With a father in the Army, she found herself moved all over the world, settling down for a while in her teens in the state of Colorado. Her writing was influenced by all of the interesting people she found in small towns and the sense of family that seemed to be woven through them all. Teresa is a former high school teacher and received her degree from The University of Northern Colorado.  Teresa is presently working on the third book in her Pecan Bayou Series.  Her second book, Overdue For Murder, came out in June of 2012.  
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publisher – Tightwad Tess Press
Release Date June 2012
My Review: 
I read another book by Teresa Trent, A Dash of Murder and really liked it so I could not wait to read Overdue for Murder.  I was not disappointed I liked Overdue for Murder as much as her last book.  The author is good at making the characters real and there day to day life just like yours or mine.
Besty Livingston is a single mother who writes a weekly hints column for the local paper.  She also recently had a book published.  Which is why she is at the library with other local authors giving a short synopsis of her book.  This is were she stumbles on the body of one of the other authors Vanessa in one of the rooms of the library.  Poor Besty is standing with the candlestick in her when the others enter the room.  
Was Besty framed or did she kill Vanessa? Who could have done it?  Besty will need to try and find out who the killer is before she is convicted of murder. I think everyone will enjoy this book and want to read it till the end – because it will take that long to figure out who the murder is.
I can’t wait till Teresa Trent has another book in this series.

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