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Have you ever heard of Vanilla Bean Powder?  I was curious to learn more about Vanilla Bean Powder so I was excited to try it.  This product is from Sunny Day Organics and I found that Vanilla Bean Powder has many benefits and is high in many minerals such like potassium, iron, manganese and copper. Potassium is important for cell and body fluids that help control blood pressure and hear rate. Iron is important for red blood cell production. Manganese and copper are co-factors for the antioxidant enzyme.

What is Vanilla Bean Powder you may wonder – it is dried seed pod of the vanilla plant ground.  I used the powder in baking.  A few days ago I made some pumpkin bread and used it in place of the vanilla extract that I would have normally used. I could not taste any difference.  It smelled like vanilla. One of the benefits of using the powder is  when you mix it directly into a batter or a cookie dough you get the straight vanilla flavor without it being diluted in the alcohol of a vanilla extract.

I learned when reading up on Vanilla Bean Powder that vanilla is a good mosquito repellent. You can mix the powder with water and then rub it on your skin ~ for some reason the mosquitoes do not like it.

If you would like to buy your own Sunny Day Organics’ Ground Vanilla Bean you can do so on the link below from Amazon.com

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Oct 092015

resize_afbf5f0e61d14739d5dc04cf168c3bdf4380e2afcf594a1d132d47e6424d2fc843563cee256256I have tried a number of different Ear Headphones lately and this pair from Audiosharp are one of my favorites.  They are  Audiosharp AS1218 In-Ear Headphones with Mic #Audiosharp.  When listening to music it is very clear and comfortable to wear.  I like that they came in a nice case that I can put in my purse – no worry about the wires getting tangled with other things in my purse.

They have a solid metal housing, custom 32-core L-OFCL line. They look solid and are ergonomic designed.  I really was surprised at how good the music sounded when uses the  Audiosharp AS1218 In-Ear Headphones with Mic.  Did you know that there is a right and left ear bud?  I didn’t but on this pair the red stripe is for right and the blue stripe is for left.

One of the other features is that you can answer calls and if you activate the voice control you can change the music with the built in microphone.  Pretty cool!

I think these would make a great Christmas present for anyone who likes to listen to music.  You can purchase a pair of the Audiosharp AS1218 In-Ear Headphones with Mic on the link below from Amazon.com.

“Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Oct 092015
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DELOS #0.5
Lindsay McKenna
Released July 11th, 2015
Blue Turtle Publishing


Last Chance is prequel novella to Nowhere to Hide.

Lia Cassidy lived through a brutal attack at the hands of two fellow soldiers, but was left with scars inside and out. This is her last chance to rebuild her life. Lia discovers a new calling working at the Delos Home School Charities in Costa Rica. With the help of her new friends and the children she helps at the school, she starts to finally heal. But soon her world is shattered when she unwittingly thwarts the plans of feared drug lord “La Araña” and his thugs. And no one challenges “La Araña” without paying the price. Will she survive?


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Lindsay McKenna lives her life as a risk taker, and it shines through the books she loves to write: romance, adventure and suspense. She started writing at age thirteen and continues to hone her writing skills to this day. She sold her first romance novel in 1981. The rest is history.
Because she went into the military, this experience became the backbone of her writing—she is credited with writing
the first military romance novel (Captive of Fate, 1983, Silhouette Special Edition) and has created a thriving sub-genre within the romance field! As a New York Times Best Selling author, she has sold 23 million books and in 32 foreign languages in her career thus far. Her many experiences in the U.S. Navy are backdrop for her understanding of the military in general, and also her very successful Morgan’s Mercenaries, which is an ongoing series in Silhouette to this day! Forty-five books strong!
Lindsay has gone Indie in 2015 and has created a new family saga on par with Morgan’s Mercenaries It is known as
the DELOS SERIES. There will be paperback and eBooks created under Blue Turtle Publishing, her company for her fans. Readers who love Morgan and his family are bound to fall in love with the Culver family. Delos is romantic suspense, which Lindsay is well known for. It took her five years to create and bring DELOS to her readers. It was worth the wait, but we’ll let you decide that. Lindsay loves to hear from her readers and loves to know what they’d like to see her write next. Stay up with the latest on the Delos Series here. Please visit her Web site at
www.lindsaymckenna.com. And be sure to sign up for her free quarterly newsletter. It contains exclusive content found nowhere else on the Net. Plus, giveaways and other surprises, to her loyal and faithful subscribers!
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Releasing Oct 13th, 2015

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Mending Hearts (1)

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mending hearts

Mending Hearts by Kimberly Krey

Logan & Candice, on the verge of divorce, decide to give their marriage one last try.
But will they be able to get past the issues holding them back?

Candice is through with married life and all it entailed: infertility, an adoption gone wrong, and the death of
her husband’s twin brother. Now that they’ve been separated for nearly a year, Candice is finally ready
to set Logan free. But when he steps back into her life, Candice begins to have second thoughts. Even though she hasn’t fully healed from the heartache she endured over their married years, she can’t fathom the thought of losing him a second time. Can Candice let go of past hurts and give Logan a second chance, or will her fears keep them apart?

Logan has spent the months of separation giving Candice the space she needed. But when he
discovers that Candice is about to file for a divorce, he decides he better take action quick. He didn’t spend
the best years of his life with this woman, only to let her slip away. Yet just when the opportunity comes
again – his chance to finally make things right – an entirely new force threatens to tear them apart.
Will opposition keep the heart-broken couple from getting back together or will they have the strength
to break through the barriers, no matter what their future might bring?


The door creaked to a slow close, and Candice looked up to see their extra guest. Tall, dark, and completely unexpected, Logan stood at the entryway. Her eyes grew wide. If seeing her nephew flirt with his cousin had surprised Candice, the sight of her husband was an outright shock.
Logan offered an awkward wave and timid smile while tiny cracks formed trails into Candice’s heart. Trails that would lead her right back to places she’d already been. Spots she had chosen to leave behind.
The kids rushed over to greet him. But Candice stood rooted in place, her splintered heart picking up pace, working to piece itself back together again. When she could no longer take it, Candice darted out of the room and through the kitchen. A roomful of family caught in their own world. Completely unaware.
Mom.” The word was weak on her tongue.
Marge turned to look at her. The room stilled.
Candice’s eyes locked on her mother’s. Pale. Blue. Questioning.
She wanted to explain that she’d ruined everything Candice had worked toward over the last year. That, in one careless move, she’d ripped the healing scabs from her heart. Candice folded her arms, her hands feeling cold and numb, and forced out the only thing that would come to her lips. “What in the world are you trying to do?”

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Kimberly Krey

Author Kimberly Krey

Writing Romance That’s Clean Without Losing the Steam!
I’m a reader of good, clean romance, a lover of family time and Diet Coke, and the ultimate hater of laundry.
I’m not patient enough to enjoy yoga, or tall enough to be great at basketball, but I do love to run – anywhere but on a treadmill. I love the sound of a rainstorm when I have no place to go, the feel of Soft Lips chap Stick on my lips, and the first peek of blue water as we round the mountains toward our favorite getaway in Bear Lake.

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resize_33128c7ca72a88eb4c4eed722c95de2c905d8b67ac3bcd6260eeb57e904edfa092f640f0256256Rex loves to take pictures and he takes lots of selfies.  He was very excited when I received the Solo Stick Premium #SoloStick. It is the ultimate Bluetooth selfie stick.  He took it when he played disc golf last weekend and he got some great pictures. There are about 8 guys he plays with and he took some great group pictures.  They looked clear and everyone was in the picture.

What is really nice about the Solo Stick Premium is that it extends to 36 inches and, then easily retract & fold it down to a mere 8 inches. It fits great in a pocket, purse or back pack.  It is strong and durable made out of quality material.  The Solo Stick is made out of one piece so no assembly required.  It also fits all phones with a secure bracket clamp.  You don’t have to worry about your phone slipping out and breaking.

The Solo Stick Premium charges in less than one hour.  You can go 3 days without charging the phone and the battery last for up to 20 hours of use ~ perfect for a long weekend.

The Solo Stick Premium is easy to use you simply pop your phone into the mount & connect to Bluetooth. If you are looking for a selfie stick look you can order the Solo Stick Premium on the link below from Amazon.com.


“Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Oct 072015

Revamping Your Restaurant? Tips for Creating the Perfect Menus

When you’re running a restaurant you feel like you’ve got 10,000 things to do every single hour that you’re at work. From making sure the quality of food is right to accepting deliveries, it can be pretty daunting just on a daily basis.

However, you can’t forget about all of the small details that make your restaurant special and keep people coming back to you for their meals. One of the big parts of that is making sure your menus actually look their best.

Use this guide to help you revamp your restaurant menus to keep them fresh, current and easy to understand.

Clarity Matters

When you’re creating a menu you need to keep one thing in mind above all others. You need to make sure that the customers looking at your menu can clearly understand what you’re trying to sell them.

That means making your menus clear with a bold font that’s legible for everybody from the young to the old. You’ll also want to make sure you have clear headings so customers can easily scan your menu to find the food item they’re looking for.

Offer Bold Specials

Restaurants thrive on their specialist, and if you don’t offer them you’re going to be overloaded with food waste and high costs. That’s why it’s so important that you make your regular specials clear if you put them on the menu.

Do you have happy hour chicken wings every night? Do you have a Friday night prime rib special every week? Whatever you do, make sure your customers can see it and remember for their next visit.

Make Your Menus Unique

Having a restaurant doesn’t mean just thinking about the food. You need to make sure that your customers have something visually interesting to remember about your restaurant as well.

One of the ways you can do that is by implementing items like leather or metal menu covers. These will give people something nice to look at and give them an impression of your restaurant even before they taste the food.

A restaurant that appeals to a customer’s visual sense along with their taste buds will have more repeat visitors than one that doesn’t have a unique persona. You’ll also help to set the tone for the décor of your restaurant when you choose unique menu design and menu cover for your restaurant.


Oct 062015

f740d07e825969b004618732943789365fabeb7b-300-300NYX Cosmetics Glam Shadow Stick are a touch of shimmer.  They are vibrant rich jewel tone available in 16 hues.  I found that they are very easy to apply. They are soft and have lots of color.  They leave just the right amount of shimmer.  The set I have came with 5 different colors ~ perfect to mix and match, the colors include: Illuminating Topaz, Elegant Marble, Glistening Emerald, Vibrant Amethyst, Yellow Diamond.

The buttery-smooth formula glides on like a dream allowing you to add a pop of color to the inner corners of your eyes, highlight your brow bone or as an all-over wash in a vibrant, shimmering hue. The slim stick applicator makes it easy to get the color exactly where you want it and once it’s on, it feels comfortable and weightless. I like that the color last for a long time.

If you are looking for some easy to apply and long lasting shadow – you can purchase your own NYX Cosmetics Glam Shadow Sticks below from Amazon.com.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pmf8601a823a93761e25bb16a21164bcdb

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Chasing Fire #3
Ann Marie Walker & Amy K. Rogers
Releasing October 20th, 2015
Berkley Intermix
As the heart-pounding Chasing Fire trilogy concludes, a dangerous entanglement leaves Hudson and Allie wondering how much they’re willing to risk for the love they can’t live without…
There’s almost nothing Alessandra Sinclair wouldn’t do for Hudson Chase. He was her first love, and she’s determined that he’ll be her last. But when the terrible truth Hudson has been hiding comes to light, Allie finds herself caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a man from her past who’s determined to use what he knows to ruin Hudson. Now, the only way to save the man she loves may be to lose him forever…
Hudson has always known that the secrets he keeps could be his downfall, but he never expected them to put Allie’s life in danger as well. It’s time for him to come clean–before everything he’s ever wanted is destroyed…
Includes previews of REMIND ME and RELEASE ME, the first two books of the Chasing Fire trilogy.
Praise for the Chasing Fire trilogy
“Exceptional…Seriously sexy and sinfully steamy. Can’t wait for more from this writing duo!”–New York Times bestselling author Tara Sue Me

“Walker and Rogers strike the perfect balance between blistering physical desire and heartfelt
connections…”–RT Book Review  
Pre-Order Now


Hudson pored over the dossier, trying to find something, anything, that might explain what the hell was going on. Had the past few days been an act, waiting for the perfect out? Or had it been a final good-bye, fucking each other senseless just to purge it out of her system? Had Allie realized that no matter what his zip code, he still wasn’t good enough? He gripped the document in his hand to avoid punching his fist through the tinted glass. He hadn’t even had a fighting fucking chance to talk her out of it.

“Mr. Chase.” Max’s voice cut through the rhetoricals and Hudson’s laser-sharp eyes darted to the rearview mirror. “The plane is on standby and the crew is ready to depart as soon as we arrive. ETA, eight minutes.”

Hudson checked his watch. “Thank you.” He took a deep breath in an attempt to downshift his nervous energy into focused calm, but his need to find Allie overrode all logic. If she thought she was walking without hearing him out. . . . Well, news flash, she was wrong. So fucking wrong.

After going through the airport’s private security entrance, the Mercedes shot down the tarmac and around the fat turn that lead to the hanger housing the Chase Industries plane. The car came to an abrupt stop inside, its tires squeaking against the highly polished concrete floor. Hudson exploded out of the vehicle. He didn’t give a shit if he had to fly halfway around the world to do it; he was going after her. Winning Allie back was a necessity, and if this was the way she wanted to play it, he was all fucking in.

Don’t miss the EXCLUSIVE Reveal of the Complete First Chapter at


Though thousands of miles apart, Ann Marie Walker and Amy K. Rogers are in constant contact, plotting story lines
and chatting about their love of alpha males, lemon drop martinis and British supermodel, David Gandy. You can find them on twitter as @AnnMarie_Walker and @Amy_KRogers. 
Amy K. Rogers


Ann Marie Walker
Start the Chasing Fire Series Now
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This sounds like a book I would like – I think I will order it.

The Sparrow Sisters Book Banner

The Sparrow SistersTitle: The Sparrow Sisters
Author: Ellen Herrick
Publisher: William Morrow
Pages: 384
Genre: Magical Realism/Fantasy
Format: Kindle/Paperback

With echoes of the alchemy of Practical Magic, the lushness of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt, and the darkly joyful wickedness of the Witches of East End, Ellen Herrick’s debut novel spins an enchanting love story about a place where magic whispers just beneath the surface and almost anything is possible, if you aren’t afraid to listen.

The Sparrow Sisters are as tightly woven into the seaside New England town of Granite Point as the wild sweet peas that climb the stone walls along the harbor. Sorrel, Nettie and Patience are as colorful as the beach plums on the dunes and as mysterious as the fog that rolls into town at dusk.

Patience is the town healer and when a new doctor settles into Granite Point he brings with him a mystery so compelling that Patience is drawn to love him, even as she struggles to mend him. But when Patience Sparrow’s herbs and tinctures are believed to be implicated in a local tragedy, Granite Point is consumed by a long-buried fear—and its three hundred year old history resurfaces as a modern day witch-hunt threatens. The plants and flowers, fruit trees and high hedges begin to wither and die, and the entire town begins to fail; fishermen return to the harbor empty-handed, and blight descends on the old elms that line the lanes.

It seems as if Patience and her town are lost until the women of Granite Point band together to save the Sparrow. As they gather, drawing strength from each other, will they be able to turn the tide and return life to Granite Point?

The Sparrow Sisters is a beautiful, haunting, and thoroughly mesmerizing novel that will capture your imagination.



The Sparrow Sisters is available for order at  


Ellen Herrick was a publishing executive in New York until she moved to London for a brief stint; she returned nearly twenty years later with three grown children (her own, it must be said). She now divides her time between Cambridge, Massachusetts and a small Cape Cod town very much like Granite Point.

For More Information

Visit Ellen’s website


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cec18082e6ce01f72abcd0a5b66ac0355c32a11e-300-300Some times I have a hard time pushing the letters on my kindle and cell phone.  The letters are just to close together so I like to have a stylus to help me out.  I found a set of stylus ~ The Precision Touch soft Touch stylus features a 7mm smooth silicone “Soft Touch” tip on one end and offers a connection point for tethering with lanyard or key ring (not included) on the opposite end. The glossy metallic barrel is paired with silver accents, which include a pocket clip.

I think the Precision Touch Stylus are the perfect size and I always have one in my purse. I love that I don’t get the fingerprints on the screen.  These stylus are great because they don’t scratch my screen.  They can be use with iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle and other capacitive touch surfaces.

I love the variety of colors and it comes with 10 in the set.  They are a great size and easily fit in your pocket.  The price is very reasonable and you don’t have to feel bad if you lose one. If you would like to purchase your own set of  Precision Touch soft Touch Stylus you can order them on the link below from Amazon.com.

Kaisy1Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pmfacc14c5e2a33e5759ef717521af2328